Your questions, Francisco García Paramés answers

You ask, Francisco García Paramés answersAs many of you already know, Francisco García Paramés is the most renowned investment manager on the Spanish scene. For his unmatched track-record in his years in charge of Bestinver and for being one of the greatest exponents of value investing in Europe, he is known by many as the Spanish Warren Buffett throughout the world. On this occasion I want to inform you of a great initiative of the Juan de Mariana Institute, a conference with the title "You ask, Francisco García Paramés answers."

The conference format, as you can imagine, will consist of questions and answers. Questions can be sent to Francisco García Paramés until Wednesday the 26th to the email account [email protected]with a maximum of 2 questions per person.

The conference will take place on Saturday 29th and will be broadcast live by streaming through the YouTube channel of the Juan de Mariana Institute, so there is almost no possible excuse to see it live. The activity will begin at 20:00 (Spanish time) and will end around 22:00. Anyway, I imagine that once the conference is finished they will upload the conference to be able to see it at any other time.

The questions that I have sent are the following:

- How can a private investor obtain the profitability of Bestinver?

- Is it best reflected in your investing style with Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett or Peter Lynch?

I recommend everyone to participate in this great initiative, from which we will surely leave with many lessons learned from this great teacher.

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The video of the conference is being edited. As they say on their Facebook page:

Before publishing the videos we edit them to add labels, transitions and improve the sound. That takes some time, so have a little patience.

When the video is published I will upload it to the blog, so stay tuned. 😉