Year in Review 2019: Profitability, Lessons, Projects and Awards (Value Investing FM)

New episode of Value Investing FM in which Adrián and Paco summarize the year 2019. In this review, we will talk about the investment lessons we have learned, our profitability and that of the stock markets in 2019, our present and future projects and of our readings. Finally, we will distribute the 2019 Value Investing FM Awards.

Finally, here are the links to take advantage of the Investment Academy Christmas offer.

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2019 Value Investing FM Awards Categories

  • Sector of the year
  • Phrase of the year
  • Fail del año
  • Value trap del año
  • Investor of the year
  • Tweet del año
  • Short of the year
  • CEO of the year
  • Desinflada (“Boom and Bust)
  • Commodity of the year
  • Miner of the year
  • Quality company of the year
  • “Parecía que sí” del año
  • Episode of the year
  • Worst forecast of the year (made by analysts)
  • Company revelation