Why value investing? – Investment Academy – Learn value investing from scratch

After what we have seen so far, you are already clear about the importance of investing for the long term and making your money work for you using compound interest and the snowball effect.

In this module we will see why I use and recommend without a doubt value investing as a method of investing in the stock market.

The short answer is that value investing is the safest and most profitable investment method in the long term. However, I think it requires a much more extensive explanation supported by academic studies and actual results. This will be what we will see in this topic.

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Disadvantages of value investing

Although value investing has great advantages, it also has its drawbacks. In this video we will see them, since it is important to take them into account when investing.

Are value investing and technical analysis compatible?

Finally, in the last one we will see if technical analysis and value investing are compatible and how they can be.

In the next topic of this module, we will begin investment training with the fundamentals of value investing.