Tu Oportunidad, a program to learn to invest in the stock market

Your Opportunity, a recommended program to learn to invest in the stock market

The TV show Your OpportunityDespite its short duration, it has been one of my favorites in recent years. Besides being entertaining, the best thing about the program is that it can be used to learn how to invest in the stock market. In this article I will briefly explain what the Your Opportunity program consists of, why it can help us learn to invest in the stock market and I will pass on a link to a compilation of the chapters that have been issued so far.

Your Opportunity, entrepreneurs in search of financing

In the program Your Opportunity, entrepreneurs show their business ideas of all kinds to a group of investors so that they invest in them a certain capital in exchange for participation in the business.

This program is the Spanish version of the BBC hit show “Dragon's Den”, based on the Japanese show “Money Tigers”. The truth is that I was already familiar with this program, since during the year that I lived in Dublin I watched the program with my fellow residents every week in its Irish version.

The investors are five important business men and women from Spain, who decide whether or not to risk their own money on each idea that is put to them. Investors are:

  • María Eugenia Girón
  • Javier Pérez Dolset
  • Catalina Hoffmann
  • Gonzalo de la Cierva
  • Pablo Gimeno

I leave you an example with a fragment of a program in which two entrepreneurs seek investment for their idea, the "vasoplato":

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2e11yiznp0]

Programs with the same television format in other countries

Unfortunately, the audience did not accompany the show, so it seems that there will be no second season. The followers of this television format will have to settle for watching similar programs from other countries on the internet in which we are able to understand the language. If you are interested, I leave you the name of the program in different countries:

  • United States: Shark Tank
  • United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland: Dragon's Den

There are other versions of this program in Japan, Finland, Ukraine or the Czech Republic. If you are interested in knowing the name of the program, I will leave you this link about value investing applied in practice.

Compilation of chapters of Your Opportunity

As I said, this show is no longer airing and it seems that it will most likely not be broadcast again. At least, those of you who have not been able to enjoy the program have the opportunity to see the 8 chapters that have been broadcast on the RTVE website.

If any RTVE executive reads me, I encourage you to give this great program a second chance. It may not reach large audiences, but the show helped foster the entrepreneurial and investment culture of its viewers. And this is precisely what the country needs to move forward.