This is how they tried to scam me from a financial bar

The wolves of Wall Street in Spain. So they have tried to scam me from a financial bar."The Wolf of Wall Street" has been one of the most successful films of the past year. Based on real events, it tells the story of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker who, using aggressive sales techniques, managed to found a small empire from his financial snack bar and get rich quickly by swindling investors small and large.

Although it may seem that this type of practice is not very common, there is an increasing number of "financial bars" that roam freely around the world trying to take advantage of the desire to get rich quickly of many small savers.

In this article I am going to tell you how they have tried to scam me through a financial bar. My goal is to help you avoid falling into the clutches of these white-collar thieves on the prowl. I will also give you directions to end this burgeoning criminal industry.

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  • the profitability of the stock market in historical figures, the average revaluation of the US stock market during the last 200 years has been 7% per year. Profitability of sustainable competitive advantages that Míster Market bandage under your intrinsic value, no. They look for very volatile companies that are about to publish their results. What usually happens is that these companies fall a lot or rise a lot that day depending on the reaction of the market to the publication of their accounts. The trick of these companies is to segment their "customers" into two groups:

    • Group 1: Half of your "clients" are recommended to buy shares in a leveraged way. This way, if the shares go up, they will make a lot of money. On the other hand, if they go down, they will lose their entire investment.
    • Group 2: The other half of their “clients” are recommended to sell THE SAME SHARES in a leveraged way. This way, if the shares go down, they will make money. On the other hand, if they go up, they will lose their investment.

    In this way, they will lose half of their customers, it is true. But the other 50% of customers will think that it is in the hands of authentic "bag gurus”Capable of obtaining great benefits in a short time, as they promise.

    The girl recommended that I invest in a leveraged way in shares of Baidu, the Chinese e-commerce company, since, according to her analysis by "experts", the stock was going to rise strongly the next day.


    In this case, your risky bet did not pay off. Baidu shares collapsed as soon as the results were presented, so if I had followed the recommendations of this financial bar, I would have lost all my investment.

    Paradoxically, losing the investment may be the best option for many investors, as they realize that what they promised was nothing but smoke. The problem is in all investors who win the first time and think they are in the hands of financial geniuses who are really nothing more than unscrupulous scammers.

    What to do if we receive a call from a financial bar?

    First of all, you should be suspicious of anyone who calls you offering high returns.

    Logically, you should not provide any banking information to these companies under any circumstances. In case you have fallen into the trap, call your bank to cancel all transfers to that company or, if possible, I recommend you cancel the card to change it for another as soon as possible.

    In addition, you must report these practices to the CNMV to help prevent these companies from swindling more people. After calling to report the events, they confirmed that the company is not registered and that it is not licensed to provide financial services. If you want to report, the contact number of the CNMV Investor Service Office is 902 149 200.

    I want to end this article by remembering once again that there is no magic formula to get rich in no time. The only way to get rich is through work, perseverance, savings and investment. Also, it takes time. If someone promises you great returns in a short time, they are certainly a scammer. If you want to enter the world of the stock market, I recommend my article with5 tips to learn to invest in the stock market for newbiesas a good starting point.

    Please don't be fooled. Do not forget that the wolves of Wall Street are on the loose in Spain. The only way to prevent these scammers from proliferating is to learn their tricks and stay alert.

    So I ask you to help me fight this new wave of white-collar organized crime by sharing this article on social networks and reporting to the CNMV any indication of the existence of financial chiringuitos. Together we can kill them.

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