The Principle of Authority: Concept, Examples and How to Avoid It

From a young age, they teach us to obey and take as true the words of authority, whether they are family members, teachers or adults in general. This behavior extends throughout our lives by taking as appropriate the recommendations of doctors or influential thinkers. Once again, this fact can be used to make decisions that can even go against our interests. In this article I will explain what the principle of authority consists of, examples of it and how to avoid its negative influence.

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  • Influence: Science and Practice, we must ask ourselves two questions:

    • Is that person really an expert?
    • What degree of veracity can we assume?

    This will help us to determine, on the one hand, if the person issuing the judgment has the necessary knowledge to give credibility and value to their words or actions.

    Also, on the other hand, it will help us to examine if there is a conflict of interest that reduces the credibility of your arguments, as happens for many professional analysts and financial advisers, as we saw this week on the blog.

    Robert Cialdini's Influence Summary on video

    Here you have the summary of the book Influencia de Robert Cialdini, made by Adrián Godás de

  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment and consistency
  • Sanción social
  • Simpatía
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