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In this new episode of Value Investing FM, Adrián and Paco discuss an essential issue when investing, the analysis of the management team. We will start with the 9 steps we follow to assess a management team, continuing through our top-3 favorite CEOs, and ending with recommended books on management analysis.

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How to Analyze a Management Team in 9 steps


  • Who is on the board of directors?
  • What experience do you have in the sector and the company?
  • Are there politicians on the board of directors?

The strategy

  • Do the company and the management team have a clear and coherent objective and strategy?
  • Do they have a short or long-term vision?
  • Are managers focused on creating long-term shareholder value?
  • Have they been able to maintain or increase the competitive advantages of the company?

Objectives fulfillment

  • Has the board of directors met your past expectations? (See presentations from previous years)

Capital allocation

  • Have they allocated the capital correctly? (Investments, acquisitions, dividends, share buybacks ...)
  • Dividend yield? Pay-out? Is the dividend sustainable? What is the dividend policy?


  • What KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) does the company use? Are they the most suitable?
  • How have the KPIs evolved?


  • What is the tone used by the board of directors? (Aggressive, confident, prudent, neutral ...)


  • Does the company admit its mistakes or try to justify them?
  • What mistakes have they made in the past and how have they been fixed?


  • What is the salary and compensation method of the board of directors? (Importance of incentives)
  • Relative weight of executive compensation? (Capitalization, Income, EBITDA, Net Earnings ...)


  • Is there any factor that could make us doubt the capacity, honesty or alignment with the shareholders of the management team?

Management Team: Top 3 CEOs

Paco's Top 3

  • Mark Leonard (Constellation Software)
  • Bob Kierlin (Fastenal)
  • Ken Inverson (Nucor Steel)

Adrian's Top 3

  • The Lundin Family (Lundin Group)
  • Michael O´Leary (RyanAir)
  • Fredrik Wester (Paradox Interactive)

Books and readings on management team analysis

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