The 10 most purchased books at the Investment Academy in 2014

Selection of stock and investment booksAs you know, the only source of income for the blog so far has been the Amazon Spain affiliate program. In total, in the year 2.014 I have entered the modest amount of 305,08 euros that have been allocated to defray the costs of the blog. The remaining money will be used to finance part of the remodeling of the blog, which I think is in need (it is one of the novelties that I am preparing for 2015 that I will talk about shortly).

As you may find it interesting, I leave you the list with the 10 most purchased books in the Investment Academy for you, the readers, in 2014. As you know, if you are interested in any of them and choose to buy it through the link of this website in Amazon Spain, you will be helping to maintain it without entailing an added cost for you.

Thank you all for your selfless help.

The most purchased books in Investment Academy in 2014

The list of recommended books has not surprised me at all. You can tell that you have a good nose when it comes to choosing readings on investment. Here it is.

  1. "The Smart Investor" by Benjamin Graham

See The Little Book That Beats the Market.

Shop Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham.

Shop Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond de Bruce Greenwald.

Shop Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond de Bruce Greenwald on Amazon.