Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Analysis and opinion of the book.

Sun Tzu's Art of War. Analysis and opinion of the book.

Human beings are constantly in conflict situations in all areas of our lives, from business to our personal relationships. The book that I am going to talk about in this article is a classic of world literature whose teachings are absolutely valid today. In this article I will give you my opinion on the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Sun Tzu's Art of War Fact Sheet

  • Title: The Art of War
  • Author: Sun Tzu
  • Publisher: Ediciones Obelisco
  • Year: 2.009 (Written in the XNUMXth century BC)
  • Page: 108

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Analysis and opinion

The Art of War is one of the oldest books whose teachings are still valid today. Written by Chinese General Sun Tzu, which managed to go down in history both for this book and for his exploits of war. It is estimated that the book was probably written between 400 BC and 320 BC.

Why did I get interested in such an old book? The truth is that I like the classics of universal literature, but the truth is that the movie "Wall Street" helped many investors to become interested in the teachings of Sun Tzu applied to business and investment in the stock market.

Although the book is initially oriented to its application in war conflicts, its teachings can be applied to all facets of life in the event of a conflict, since it analyzes war in a broad sense and does not focus solely on the battle. Of course, we must make a small effort to abstract ourselves and not apply the book literally, but apply its teachings analogically to other aspects of life.

As a curiosity for those of us who like economics, it may be the first book in history that deals, even if only superficially, with the problem of rising prices due to increased demand. Specifically, it does so in the second chapter by saying that:

"The proximity of an army causes prices to rise and high prices deplete people's substance"

One of the aspects in which Sun Tzu places special emphasis on the art of war is the vital importance of information. Of course, what we should not do is use spies and look for privileged information when investing in the stock market if we do not want to end up behind bars.

Next, to finish, I will leave you a small selection of quotes from the book that I think are worth highlighting:

"The art of war is based on deception"

“Fighting and winning all your battles is not the supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting "

"It is in our hands to secure ourselves against defeat, but the opportunity to defeat the enemy is provided by the enemy himself"

My favorite phrase, totally applicable to investing in the stock market:

“If you know the enemy well and you know yourself well, you don't have to fear the outcome of a hundred battles. If you know yourself well, but not the enemy, for every victory you achieve you will also suffer a defeat. If you do not know the enemy or know yourself, you will succumb in every battle "

Sun Tzu's Art of War Rating

The art of war is a book that, due to its simplicity and its ability to be applied in all areas of life, must be part of any library worth its salt. I recommend not only reading it, but also rereading it from time to time, especially when some kind of conflict arises in our lives, since it will help us to face it with guarantees and be victorious.

  • Score: 9,5
  • Level: For everyone
  • Recommended to: Everyone, to apply both in business and in life.

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