Stock Market Consulting – September 2019 (Value Investing FM)

Stock Exchange Consultation September 2019

Stock exchange consultation for September 2019 in which Adrián Godás and Paco Lodeiro answer questions from listeners.

On this occasion, we deal with topics such as October meeting in Barcelona, Investing FM, view delayed quotes, Form W-8BEN, ING's 2050 Dinanimo Plan, mainstream investment philosophy, invest in gold, change your mind on investment thesis, books to learn to analyze and value companies, what to look for when choosing a value investment fund, new low cost brokers such as Revolut or Ninetynine or the Another reason.

We also talk about companies and sectors such as Pelatro, RockRose Energy, Umanis, i3 Energy, Ipco, Teekay, Kadokawa Corporation, Nippon Carbon, Aryzta, Xiaomi, Ryanair, Pernod Ricard, Audax Renovables.

You can sign up for the Barcelona Meetup on October 20 at the following link:

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    You can attach your question in audio by recording it through Another reason It was a measure that basically meant "If you buy this share, the dividends that you get from the company will make you recover / amortize the money that this share cost you for X years" and listening to you well ... I realized that I am an idiot, hahaha. Now I think I understand what it means, but for beginners, could you explain its usefulness? Or even better, would you make a program on terminology in terms of basic data and indexes a good idea? Nothing complex, only for those clueless newbies like me who have barely left the cradle on these issues. Thank you very much and encouragement with the program.

    (Ángel, alias Mefistofeles)

    Questions about companies and sectors

    About Pelatro

    News has come out of Pelatro's results with a very high increase in administration expenses. The action has fallen as a result of it, what do you think about it Paco. You will keep it, buy or undo the position. Cheers between a gym session.

    (Anonymous from the Gym)

    About Umanis

    Good afternoon, I'm Francisco de Finisterre. I don't know if you have the Umanis share in your portfolio or if you have any updated opinion of the company, especially now that it has fallen sharply.


    About i3 Energy

    Godás. How do you see i3 Energy?

    (Ionatan Simón)

    About Eloy's positions

    How are Eloy's positions going? The question is focused mainly on the Fannie Mae issue. Something new?


    On the consequences of the rise in oil in 3 companies

    With the fuss that is taking place in Saudi Arabia with the issue of drone attacks, a rise in the price of oil is expected. If that rise occurred, who would benefit the most? To ipco, to rockrose or to teekay?


    About the tour operator

    The recent bankruptcy of the tour operator Thomas Cook has made me consider studying the sector not so much of airlines, but of tour operators. I was wondering if you have studied this sector and if you have any opinion or brushstroke to comment on it.


    Sobre Kadokawa Corporation

    Hello, friends, in good time for your excellent podcast, I wanted to ask Adrián: you who like the video game sector, have you ever reviewed Kadokawa Corporation (From software)?

    (Renzo de la Sotta from Peru)

    About Nippon Carbon

    Doubt for the office. What do you think of Nippon Carbon? And being shareholders, how can we suggest to the management to buy back shares? Taking into account the cash that is accumulating and the current price I think it would generate value

    About the possible mangament buyout at RockRose

    I have been following you since relatively recently, but I have become a faithful follower of your program, the truth is that I missed a radio space in which investment in value without interest and biases will be discussed rigorously and clearly. Regarding the Black Ross issue, I was wondering what would happen if they re-bought all the shares, would I pay you the price at which they are trading at that moment or would you not receive anything? And if there really are companies that are trading at a price below their box because they do not make a massive buyback of shares thinking that the price is going to rise in the future.

    (Fex Chart)

    About Aryzta

    I would also like to ask your opinion about Aryzta, Cobas's highest position now that it has dropped so much and is over 70 80 cents of a franc. What potential do you see in it? Finally, if you could talk about Ercros. I hope I haven't overused your trust, hehe.

    (Fex Chart)

    About Xiaomi

    Congratulations once again: Doubt for the following office: What do you think of Xiaomi? Sometimes I hear Adrián a little badly, I don't know if it's the microphone, or that it moves away from it… in case you can correct it.

    (Pedro Barbero)

    About what happens in mergers

    Doubt for a future office. What happens to the shares of two companies that merge, for example the merger of the Latin American LAN airlines and TAM airlines, which resulted in LATAM airlines. Good program greetings from Santiago, Chile.

    (Mauro Agustin Ojeda Fontecilla)

    About O'Leary's bonus on Ryanair

    What will @ValueInvestingS and @The_Godas think about the refusal of Ryanair's shareholders on the 100mm bonus to O'Leary if he manages to double the share price and profits? If I were a shareholder, I would agree ...

    (Alex1983Alex from Twitter)

    About Pernod Ricard

    I would like to ask you what opinion you have of the company Pernod Ricard, one of the world leaders in the beverage sector.


    About Audax Renovables

    Do you know and what do you think of Audax Renovables? It has had two very strong increases followed by equally strong decreases, it catches me with losses of 40% right now, although I have a little in it. I was considering buying more but it gives me something in a company where the founder owns 90% of the shares.

    Do you think that if the Government is finally constituted in Spain with the Socialists, it will rebound again? And if the government is not constituted now in September, will it continue to fall?