Stock Market Consulting – November 2019 (Value Investing FM) – Investment Academy – Learn value investing from scratch

November 2019 Stock Exchange Consultation in which Adrián Godás and Paco Lodeiro we answer listeners' questions.

On this occasion, we deal with topics such as the current situation of the markets, institutional investors, tips to withstand the pressure of declines, valuation by multiples, real estate crowdfunding platforms, how much to declare profits in DeGiro, what to study to work in the financial sector and how to enter the fund management industry without financial studies.

We also talk about listed companies such as Petrotal, Kernel Holding, Paradox Interactive, Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) and its OPA, Nicolás Correa, Cleveland Cliffs, Orezone Gold, KLX Energy Services, Rockrose Energy, Compass Gold, Cartier Resources, Sarama Resources, Regulus Resources, Twitter and Largo Resources.

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    You can attach your question in audio by recording it through a trillion, it would not change the perspective of the company for the worse. I mean that it would cease to be a company with more cash than market cap for a company in debt that times its market cap.


    How could it affect La Rosa and how could Corbyn win the elections in the UK?


    Sobre Compass Gold, Cartier Resources, Sarama Resources y Regulus

    Hello, I am Patri from Castellón. Congratulations on the show, I was delighted to hear Marta and her thoughts on MMPP in Russia. For this month's office I would like to know Adrián's opinion about Compass Gold (CVB) cartier resources (ECR) and Sarama Resources (SWA), well, once you have posted, if you have taken advantage of the drop in Regulus. Thank you and I listen to you every Monday and a hug for Paco.

    (Patri de Castellón)

    About Jadestone Energy

    Good Paco, Adrián. I leave you a question for the next office. Do you know a company called Jadestone Energy? If yes, can you give your opinion on it? It has quite a few similarities to RRE.


    About Twitter

    Mr. Lodeiro, I would like to know your opinion on $ TWTR, please.

    (Antonio Badillo)

    About Largo Resources

    ¿Qué opináis de Largo Resources?

    (Juan Diego Bosques Mendoza)