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May 2019 Stock Market Consultation at Value Investing FM

Stock exchange consultation for May 2019 in which Adrián Godás and Paco Lodeiro answer questions from listeners.

On this occasion, we discuss topics such as the importance of macro when investing in the stock market, the possibility of buying Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with DeGiro, the margin of safety in value investing, find investment ideas in small caps, how to know the analysts who follow a company, the bubbles today, invest in robotics companies, GuruFocus, which market has the highest risk, which technology company to invest in, get scammed in China, the CFA or brokers to invest with virtual money.

We also talk about companies and sectors such as Henkel, Pelazo, BatteryOne Royalty Corp, Planet Fitness, Gran Tierra Energy, Anadarko, JD, Ryanair, cannabis, Fairfax Financial Holdings, Alphabet, Burford Capital, gold, Orezone or Bayer.

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  • 3.1 About Academia de Inversión
  • Another reason.

    (Ralf Sparrow)

    About GuruFocus

    Ask for Paco. What do you like or should we look at gurufocus newbies? It is a page that I have not just found valuable information but I am convinced that I am not focusing where I should. thanks and congratulations on the podcast.

    (Caesar of benicasim)

    On which market has the greatest risk

    hi, thanks for the podcast this week. 2 questions (in case they fit). 1.- Question for Adrián, which market has the highest risk profile? A) The Chinese stock market. B) Mining companies with a lot of exposure in Africa. C) Tesla. D) Greyhound racing in Russia.

    (Joapen from Medina Sidonia)

    About which technology company to invest in

    Ask for Paco. You have € 20.000 IB screen in front of you and someone pointing at your head with the following order: Invest in Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Wechat? greetings from Medina Sidonia.

    (Joapen from Medina Sidonia)

    On being scammed in China

    Hello Paco and Adrian, ask in January for China Recycling Energy Corp, I am interested in understanding your price, and if there is any general explanation (your business, scam for inexperienced investors) for companies that were trading at $ 50 or $ 100 and eventually end up trading from zero to one dollar.

    (Jordi Permallorca)

    About the CFA

    First of all, thank you very much for your answers. My question of the month is the following: What do you think of the CFA certification? It is not among my plans, but I would like to know if you think it is something that is worthwhile or it only serves to end up in a bank designing guaranteed funds and products for people who have no idea what they do with money. With all due respect to the professionals who do this work. Thank you very much. Greetings from Madrid.

    (Sergio Belinchón)

    About brokers to invest with virtual money

    Do you know any page or free broker that has a good demo to invest in the stock market with virtual money? Thank you!

    (Javi Crespo)

    Questions companies from the May Stock Exchange Office

    On the evolution of 232

    How do you see the evolution of the 232


    About Drillers

    Do they still believe that having drillers such as Noble Corp is a good idea, or do we put them in the same bag as boats?


    About Henkel

    I would like to invest in a consumer company and I am following Henkel (a historical company that seems in low hours).

    What is your opinion. Thank you.


    About Pelazo and BatteryOne Royalty Corp

    Hello Paco and Adrián,

    I am writing to ask you two questions for the May office. Excuse me if there is another way to send them, but I have not found it.

    The first question has to do with Pelatro. At the beginning of April it was announced that one of the main shareholders and brother of the CEO, Suresh Yezhuvath, had the intention to sell more than 2 million shares, supposedly to invest it in charities. Viewing the recent evolution of the share price, it seems that this fact is affecting you, at least in the short term. I would like to know your opinion about it

    I think the second question is directed to Adrián 😉 and has to do with a company that I have come across by chance called BatteryOne Royalty Corp ( From what I have seen in your corporate presentation you are trying to develop a royalty-based business model that mimics those of the precious metals sector, although focusing on metals required for battery development. Seeing that this model is working very well for gold, I imagine that it is being replicated in other commodities. Do you know the company? What opinion do you deserve? From what I see they are still low on assets and it looks like they are booting.

    Thank you very much and congratulations on your MAGNIFICENT podcast


    PS: I was in the meeting that you organized in Madrid

    (Vicente from Chinchón, Madrid)

    About Planet Fitness

    Good afternoon:

    I'm Juan, from Granada.

    This is a question for the bag office of your podcast. I do not know if this is the means to make it the truth. Well there it goes:

    ¿Conocéis la empresa planet fitness (PLNT)?

    It has multiplied by 4 since it came out in 2015. All the Spanish value talks about GYM group, but I have not heard anyone talk about this company that does the same but from the USA and expanding like wildfire.

    Regards! You and Adrián are the cane!

    (Juan de Granada)

    About Gran Tierra Energy

    I am studying Gran Tierra Energy, I suppose that LordExcavadora will sound familiar, I know that it is not in an area that you are very passionate about (it has reserves in Colombia and Ecuador) but it seems interesting and the results it has presented this quarter do not seem very bad, although They have been received with falls, but what I said, I am studying it for now, any comments about it? : D


    About the acquisition of Anadarko

    How do you value the acquisition of Anadarko? It seems that it is a valuation that would imply quite upside for similar companies, I am not sure if you had already commented on this acquisition ...


    About JD

    And any for Paco of things more beautiful than uranium and oil, the results of JD have been good, is it still stored in the drawer for 10 years from now? Let's see if it's another of your 10 baggers in a while: P


    About Ryanair

    Finally, I would appreciate a comment from Ryanair, it seems that they are now to buy and put them in the locked drawer for a while and that O'Leary does his magic. Well here I have left you some questions so that you have to choose 🙂


    About the cannabis bubble

    Hi, I'm Roberto, from Cáceres.

    First of all tell you that you are cracks and that you never leave the podcast, which by the way, I listen to it in the car and at the gym hehe.

    In the latest podcast Did you talk about the marijuana bubble, if so, is it not a good option to go short in those companies? It also applies to any sector or overvalued value ...

    Thank you very much and best regards.

    (Roberto de Cáceres)

    About Fairfax Financial Holdings

    I would like to know your opinion about FRFHF. I have had it for about three years and I am in very small losses (-4%), but the truth is that I expected a lot more from Prem Watsa. I would appreciate it if you would give me your opinion at the next stock exchange. I'm not in a hurry to sell (in fact I hardly ever sell) but I think I'm starting to need encouragement both to maintain it and to sell it.

    (Jaime from Madrid)

    On how to invest in gold

    If you wanted to invest in gold, how would you do it? through funds, stocks?


    About Alphabet and Burford Capital

    Hello guys! Greetings from Barcelona. I've been following you for a long time and I don't miss any of your Podcasts. I would like to comment on two operations that I have done this week. The first is that in the end I have entered Alphabet after the 8% drop on the reporting day. Do you think the upward trend will continue in the medium term or perhaps I have rushed and it has a fall as happened to Facebook and Apple? The second is operation is a small purchase of Burford Capital on its London listing. Since then it has fallen 10%. Has something major negative happened that escapes me or would you buy more if it continues to fall?

    (Ignacio Almendro)


    Anything to comment on the upcoming sulfur expansion feasibility study and development plans for Bomboré that Orezone has done?


    About Adrian's first 10-bagger

    Paco's first ten bagger was Google. What do you think Adrian's first ten bagger will be? It would be fun if they gave a reasoned estimate and another troll estimate.


    About Bayer

    Good afternoon!!! I take this opportunity to thank you for all that you are giving me with the podcast. You do a great job! Taking advantage, I link with the stock market office to be able to ask you two questions ... The first is about Bayer And if you think that after the recent fall of 40% by Monsanto and the lawsuits it could be interesting to enter.

    (Álex de Vigo)