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Consultorio Bursátill March 2019

Stock exchange consultation of March 2019 in which Adrián Godás and Paco Lodeiro answer questions from listeners.

On this occasion, we address issues such as liquidity management, companies that do not distribute dividends, sources of information for analysis, the 232 in uranium, the best raw materials in which to invest, public debt and monetary policy, podcast monetization, financial education, market timing, how to assess the qualitative aspects of a business or private equity.

We also talk about companies such as Xiaomi, AB-Biotics, Bayer, Pelatro (alias Pelazo), Spin Master, Biogen or Funko.

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Stock Market Consulting - March 2019

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general inquiriesdel Consultorio Bursátil de Marzo 2019

On companies that do not distribute dividends and liquidity management

I have a couple of questions that I would like you to answer me:

  1. How do companies that do not distribute dividends remunerate their main shareholders?
  2. When you say that you have to buy when there is nerves / panic in the market to buy cheap, do you mean that you have to leave a part of the capital without investing for when these situations come to have liquidity? Thank you!

(Gabriel from Barcelona)

On the sources of supplementary information for the analyzes

I bring you my monthly question. When doing the qualitative analysis of a business, apart from the company's website and its periodic public information, what are your sources of complementary information? I am referring to additional information about the company and its competitive environment. Thank you very much for the program. Greetings from Madrid and encouragement to Adrián with the degree, which is already less.

(Sergio Belinchón from Madrid)

About 232

Good afternoon, I'm Alberto from La Gomera. In the last stock exchange consultation they commented that if the 232 were approved with respect to uranium, it could mean for producers of l 232 with respect to uranium, it could mean for uranium producers as if the price of uranium rose from 28 to 70, which that in theory would imply a very important rise in the valuation of companies. I began to investigate in previous 232 in the United States, and the last one I saw was the one carried out in May 2018 with steel, and since that date the prices of these companies have fallen with some magnitude. Is there any logical explanation for this situation?

If uranium fever came with the approval of 232, are we talking about a bagger? One hundred bagger?

Miscellaneous questions about commodities

Adrian, how do you see the raw materials? Which ones do you think have the most potential? -Uranium> Gold> Copper> Oil?

- Do you think that the resolution of the S232 will be a turning point for the spot price of Uranium?

- Do you still see potential in Sandstorm? has gone up a lot ...

- Apart from Sandstorm do you have any other Gold that does not have as much risk as Orezone?

- Any opinions about Adriatic metals?

Thank you


About liquidity

Very interesting as in all the podcasts that you do, apart from everything mentioned above ... What percentage of liquidity do you have in your portfolios? And how do you distribute the liquidity percentage you have in your portfolios? AND how do you distribute it in case of downloads more or less widespread portfolio?

Taking into account that always in times of downturns the main problem is not having much liquidity, but at the same time it is a shame not to put the money to work ...

On debt and monetary policy

What do you think of the countries' debt and monetary policy?

And I miss Adrián's sauce to the management teams and CEOs who tell us what they do to save costs, work philosophy, alignment with shareholders (more examples or search sources) :)) #duchafria Thank you for everything


About podcast monetization

Question for the practice: does podcasting generate income? Do platforms like iVoox, YouTube, etc pay you? As listeners of said podcast, if thanks to our listens, likes etc we generate those (deserved) income we have the right to know xD. Greetings from Pucela.


On financial education

for stock market office First of all, I would like to thank you for the financial education work you are doing. I follow you on Twitter too. Question: What do I tell my wife who is completely reluctant to invest and thinks that no one gives pesetas hard to convince her that it is important to invest. Inflation eats money out of it.

(Jorge Trabancos de León)

About market timing

If you wanted to start investing in stocks now (as is my case), is this a good time for you or would you wait for a drop to enter? greetings and congratulations for your work


Over assessing qualitative aspects

Hi! First of all (and as always) thank you very much for the podcast and for sharing your knowledge with us. I'd like to ask a couple of questions that I don't remember what I know. I'd like to ask a couple of questions that I don't remember being discussed on a podcast. They might sound a bit basic, but it is something that I am still not very clear about: 1. It is how you manage to quantitatively assess the qualitative factors of a company. The quantitative part is clearer. Once with the accounts and knowing what to value, it is looking at numbers and comparing (yes, it is more complicated than what I have explained :-)). But the qualitative ones? How do you do it to put a final number on them? 2. Another basic question that I always ask myself is what a change of broker implies. I have not yet found myself in the situation, but if I was I don't know what it implies. Sell ​​all the shares at a broker and buy them back at the destination broker, thereby eroding profits with taxes and commissions along the way? A greeting! Dani.


On pursuing a thesis and delving into it

Buenos días.

First of all, congratulations on the show. I really like the outreach work that you do.

Questions for the next office (if they enter :-))).

Once an investment thesis has been prepared and having invested money in that company / sector in accordance with said thesis:

1) How often do you review the validity or validity of the thesis? Do you have or do you follow any criteria to establish the periodicity of said reviews?

2) In addition to the company's internal and official sources of information (letters, results, shareholders' meetings ...) Are you looking for information external to the company such as evolution of the sector, third-party analysis, results or reports from competing companies, etc. . with which to contrast the "official version" of the companies in which you are invested?

Thank you very much and best regards.

(Enrique Gracia Rosuero)

Sobre Private Equity

Very good podcast, could you talk something about private equity and what funds are there for that? Thank you

(Iago M)

Questions about companiesdel Consultorio Bursátil de Marzo 2019

About Xiaomi

for the next podcast could you give an opinion on Xiaomi?

(Carles from Twitter)

(Alex de Coruña)

About AB-Biotics

hi, i would like to ask 2 questions, where can i ask the questions for the march office? In the case that this is worth it, there I throw the question:Do you see a clear competitive advantage in AB-Biotics? a greeting

(Joapen from Medina Sidonia)

About Bayer

Hello couple, Thank you for all the information you provide and also in a very pleasant way. I know that you do not comment on companies that you do not know or in which you are not positioned. But are there companies that you do not know or in which you are not positioned. But what do you think of Bayer after the court decisions against it in the US? Accumulates falls around @l 16,%

(Juan Carlos Carrera Ruiz and Diego Tuñas)

About Pelazo

Good morning, I'm Pedro de Palencia. You have been a few programs commenting in passing on the Pelatro company, which you call pelazo because of the long hair of its CEO. Could you comment on that you call your hair great because of the long hair of your frown. Could you comment a bit on the investment thesis in that company?

(Pedro de Palencia)

About Spin Master

First of all, congratulations on the channel. Applying the teachings of Peter Lynch a bit, I have been looking at the products around me to look for possible investments. In this search, as I have a child under 3 years old, I have realized that almost all children of these ages are crazy about the drawings / products of the Paw Patrol. The owner company is listed in Canada, it is called Spin Master (TSX: TOY) and looking at its financial data I find it very interesting (Net cash, Skin in the game, growing income, international expansion ... Etc). It also has other brands, which in Spain it markets through BIZAK, such as Meccano or Airhogs. Have you ever looked at it? If so, what do you think?

(Vanessa Vilanova)

About Biogen

Very good idea to make a video of this type ... a question, do you think that BIOGEN is an opportunity at this moment with the fall it has had? Thank you.


About Funko

What do you think of the company FUNKO, and other similar companies that sell "smoke" but have such a large number of customers and fans wanting to buy their products and collections?

(Pablo Ibáñez Pérez)