Stock Market Consulting – June 2020 (Value Investing FM)

Stock Market Consulting June 2020

Stock exchange consultation for June 2020 in which Adrián Godás and Paco Lodeiro answer questions from listeners.

On this occasion, we deal with topics such as invest in Bitcoin, how we analyze a company In our beginnings, how to choose a tax advisor, DeGiro, brokers and legal certainty, how to invest in funds, debt analysis, which Spanish company we would manage, audit the profitability of a personal portfolio, contact analysts, funds or ETFs of royalties, assets that perform well in rate hikes, our international diversification, the behavior of the market in an election year or the market capitalization of Adriatic Metals.

We also talk about listed companies such as NBI Bearings, Euronav, Sea Limited, Indra, Prosegur, Elecnor, Thor Industries, US Goldcorp, Epiroc, Regulus Resources or Nighthawk Gold.

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    General doubts of June 2020

    About investing in Bitcoin

    Why don't you invest in bitcoin?

    (Adrián Novo Fernández)

    About our beginnings analyzing companies

    Question for the next VI FM program

    For Adrian and Paco in their first days, weeks, months as investors. How long did it take you (approximately) to understand how you managed, what you did, the future and the financial analysis and ratios of your first company that you seriously analyzed? What were your biggest difficulties when studying that company?

    A huge Hello!

    I congratulate you for so much care that you put into the podcast and value

    (Ignacio Saralegui, an Argentine living in Germany)

    On how to choose a tax agency

    Hello Paco and Adrián,

    I would like to ask a question for the next trading office. In the previous chapter you said that you delegated everything to an agency, could you make any kind of recommendations for online agencies, or what guidelines should we follow to find a reliable one?

    It is that I live in the United Kingdom, in a few years I plan to return to Spain but my head explodes when thinking about all the procedures with the Treasury that I will have to do and my experience with the UK agencies is very bad, they charge too much and without knowing the subject So I don't even want to imagine myself in Spain.

    Greetings and thank you very much for the program, you have won heaven.

    (Manuel from UK)

    About DeGiro

    días, Paco.

    I would like you to comment to the listeners who have DEGIRO, that the annual report they send to make the declaration is very poorly prepared, it contains errors in the operations made with shares in foreign currency

    There are calculation errors that the usual is around one euro per operation, but some operation clearly exceeds that amount

    To check it, they have to see the account and compare it with the report

    Every year they do the same and also the client always loses when making the statement since in the report there are always more benefits compared to the real operation

    a greeting


    About brokers and legal security

    I have been a regular listener of your podcasts for a long time. I wanted to launch a question for your monthly podcast to resolve doubts, but I don't know how to do it, I hope that this is possible. I am considering transferring my portfolio from ING Spain's Orange Broker to Interactive Brokers. The question is whether from the point of view of financial security, it is better to have it in IB than in ING in the event that at a certain moment the Spanish government (this or the one that may be in the future) decides to intervene in the stock market returns ( eg tax dividends more, or in the most extreme case expropriate accounts), or the situation would be exactly the same with one or the other broker.

    I would appreciate if you could help me solve this question, or if you have already addressed it, refer me to the corresponding podcast.

    Thank you very much and keep it up, I really like your podcast. Greetings to Godas too.

    (Javi Suárez from Singapore)

    On how to invest in funds

    Hello good Morning! I have a very beginner's query (I am entering the world of the stock market and value investing)

    To invest in mutual funds, how should I proceed? That is, should I go to my broker, look for the fund and there buy shares or do I have to do some extra subscription?


    About debt analysis

    I would like to leave you 2 questions for the next Value Investing FM stock consultant:

    1) To analyze the debt of a company, do you look only at bank debt or also at the debt it has with suppliers?

    2) What is the best way to compare the debt of a company? Does it make sense to compare it to your cash flow rather than EBITDA?

    (Álvaro De Toro Velázquez from Valencia)

    About which Spanish company we would manage

    Hello gallants of value!

    How strong

    The next Warren Buffett is born. Congratulations Paco and long life to the chosen one.

    Now my query.

    If you could be CEO of a poorly managed Spanish company, what would it be and what measures would you take?

    I would see Adrián at Repsol and Paco at Telefónica.

    And the two of them sending to fuck all the semi-officials of the squad.

    (Pablo from Old Castile)

    On auditing the profitability of a personal portfolio

    Hello Paco.

    I would like you to inform us about the audit process of your profitability. How does it work? How much can it cost?

    Thank you very much for everything you do for investors.

    A hug from Los Angeles.

    (Felipe from Los Angeles)

    About contacting analysts

    Hi Paco, I am a regular on the podcast that you and Adrián do with so much dedication, so first of all I congratulate you because you have helped me a lot to focus ideas on this to get a euro out of my savings. Although thanks to my MBA I have basic knowledge of accounting, management, marketing, etc. I am not fluent in the subject of business analysis, so I would like to ask you a newbie question - naive God level - that perhaps you could include in the podcast.

    There is a company that I like and it is only covered by an analyst. I would like to approach this person to see if he can give me his vision of the company, but I do not know if this has any chance of success or what would be the most appropriate way to do it. Any advice?

    And put to abuse, everyone talks about doing your own research, but what are the best resources to do it?

    Thanks again for your work.

    (Caesar from London)

    About royalty funds or ETFs

    Reference funds or ETFs that invest in royalty or similar companies?


    On assets that perform well in the face of rate hikes

    What investment has historically performed well in the face of an interest rate hike? and against inflation? here a miner Jr who has pending to see the classes.


    About our international diversification

    Hi. Congratulations on your podcast, I've been following you since you started. My question is if you are diversified not only in the United States and Europe, but if you also have shares of Japanese companies, Chinese etc ... And in what percentage, thank you.


    On the behavior of the market in the year of elections in the US

    Good morning, I was wondering if you have any opinion or can you recommend a book, article or podcast where you study the behavior of the markets with respect to the elections in the USA on previous occasions. I see a certain euphoria in the stock market, and with the elections in the United States in November, I would like to know what happened on previous occasions to try to make more correct decisions this time.


    About the market capitalization of Adriatic Metals

    Question to the practice: I have been trying to find out the true market cap of the Adriatic Metals company, and on each page it says a different market cap. For example, as of today according to Google Finance they are 470,90M, According to investing 404,28M, according to Morningstar 230M. And if I keep looking for more pages I'm sure the numbers will dance even more. That is why the question: 1) what is the most correct and safe way to know the true market cap of a company? 2) I take advantage of question 1 to resolve the question. What is the current market capitalization of the Adriatic Metals company? Greetings and thanks for your program, I am learning a lot thanks to you.


    Doubts about companies and sectors

    About NBI Bearings

    Hello, a question for the stock market office, what opinion do you have and what expectations do you see in the long term for NBI Bearings. Thanks in advance.

    (Gon Pana, a Pontendrés from Vitoria)

    About Euronav

    Congratulations on the program. I don't miss one.

    I wanted to ask a question about markets. What do you think about EURONAV? It seemed to me to understand, although you mentioned it in passing, that shipping companies are a sector that should not be touched even with a stick.

    Is this so? Can you please explain your thesis about it.

    Thank you. A greeting.

    (Israel Rodríguez from Vigo)

    Sobre Sea Limited (Shopee)

    Paco, Adrián, greetings from Chile and congratulations on the program!

    I wanted to ask you for your opinion on Sea Limited (Shopee). How do you see the business, and the current valuation (it has been flying since May)?

    Hug and thank you very much!

    (Nacho Sanz from Chile)

    About Indra, Prosegur and Elecnor

    Hello Paco and Adrián, congratulations for the program which I have followed from the beginning. How do you see the Spanish market to invest? I say this because I see several companies that I like, could you give me your opinion about Indra, Prosegur and Elecnor. Thank you.

    (Francisco José Gavira Sánchez)

    About motorhome companies

    I see a growing boom in camper vans. I was wondering if you have your eye on a company that can benefit from this trend.


    About US Goldcorp

    Hello machines! Subsoil question. I have US GOLDCORP TIKER USAU in my portfolio for a while at a good price and it is revaluing a lot with the PFS that they have just presented in one of their drills. I wrote to the CEO and both he and the management have around 30% so I see good skin in the game… What opinion do you deserve? What future do you see with Gold at $ 1600 approx ...? A hug and continue like this !!!

    (Jorge Ibáñez)

    About Regulus Resources and Nighthawk Gold

    Great podcast, I leave you a couple of questions like not about mining, hahaha. As you see Regulus and Nhk. Greetings and thank you


    About Epiroc

    Do you know Epiroc, the mining equipment company, what market share it has and what are its main competitors? I have done the analysis but I cannot find this data.

    (Xavier López Abiol)