Stock Market Consulting – February 2020 (Value Investing FM) – Investment Academy – Learn value investing from scratch

Stock exchange consultation for February 2020 in which Adrián Godás and Paco Lodeiro answer questions from listeners.

On this occasion, we deal with topics such as Warren Buffett o el método CAN SLIM de William O'Neil.

We also talk about listed companies such as Square Enix, DIA, Naspers, La Francaise Des Jeux, Turtle Beach, Consol Energy or Yamana Gold.

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    General doubts for February 2020

    More questions about the Grand Event

    • Do I have to bring something to write down or are you going to give us material?
    • Can you buy tickets directly at the event?
    • I am cut off going to the event alone.

    On the efficiency of markets

    Why do you think markets are so inefficient that we, with our means, could win over the brightest minds in the world who have the most powerful computers in the world?

    (Giuseppe Nicola Graziano)

    About eToro

    ¿Recomendáis eToro? ¿Qué opináis de su plataforma?


    About Envestio and crowlending platforms

    Hello Paco and Adrián. I am writing because, following the recommendations of a Blogger specialized in finance, I invested money in Envestio, a crowdlending platform, which has turned out to be a scam. My question is how to know when one of these platforms, such as Mintos or Urbanitae is or is not a scam. Thank you very much and a hug.

    (Luis Fernández)

    About insider purchases

    I have a question for the next brokerage practice, about insider buying:

    I work in a company that is listed on the NYSE and I understand that it is illegal to buy shares of it because I have inside information. How then is it possible for management to buy shares in your companies, when they have more inside information than anyone else?

    (Nicolás Gallo from Argentina)

    About forex and index trading

    What do you think of Forex and index trading?

    (Natalia Ramos)

    About investing in global index funds

    At a general level, assuming that someone does not want to get complicated and is satisfied with the average rise of the stock market, would you advise them to invest in an etf or global world type fund? ... It would be more appropriate than to distribute among 4 funds, in that case, how what type or zones? Greetings and thank you!

    (Rafael from Madrid)

    About being hired by an investment fund

    If a person trains on their own, in the long-term stock market (value investing), do you think there is any possibility of being hired by an investment fund? Or do they usually only hire people with a degree?

    (Natalia Ramos)

    On the difference between funds and ETFs

    Hello Paco, I am writing to you from Barcelona. First of all, congratulations on the potcast, I discovered it in October and have already caught up on all the episodes.

    I wanted to ask you about index funds and ETFs, if you can comment a little on the differences, if the best platform is also IB or money order, explain a little about their type of commissions and if you know any good sources to inform me more.

    (Martí from Barcelona)

    On financing with fixed income

    Good afternoon Paco, my name is Mario, I write from Madrid and I have a question about the next stock exchange office. Lately I am learning about how fixed income works and there is a recurring question that comes to my head. In times like the present, with rates on the ground and access to bank credit without many restrictions and cheap, why are there companies that choose to finance themselves by issuing bonds instead of requesting a bank loan? A boat soon does not seem like a very logical decision, unless the bank considers that it is too risky to lend to that company and decides to deny it access to credit. But in that case, buying bonds from that company would be a high-risk investment, right?

    (Mario from Madrid)

    On the reinvestment of free cash flow

    Question for the practice: With the excess free cash flow (not paid in dividend) the company invests it, what are the best ways to see what and how much they are reinvesting it?


    About copying Warren Buffett

    In fundamentals you try to buy cheap and companies with good prospects. So how would tagging people like Warren Buffett work? I imagine that when Buffett buys as he will buy a large volume the price will go up a lot. Then the buffet followers who mark it will keep it going. Up to what percentage of rise do you think it will go from being cheap to being too expensive? Still relying on buffet knowledge would be a good strategy for lazy people in the long run? Is it better to fight to buy as soon as the news of the purchase comes out or to hope that there is some correction from people who take advantage of that rise to make a profit? Is it better to copy people like Adrian who are not as guarded as Buffet?

    (Sergio Pérez from Alicante)

    About the CAN SLIM method

    A question for the stock market office from Viveiro, have you read How to make money in stocks by William O'neil? CANSLIM method:

    C: Earnings per share increasing compared to last year

    A: Annual benefits going up 5 years

    N: New products, managers or highs

    S: Not too many floating actions

    L: Market leader

    I: Interest of large investors

    M: Right market

    I know it is not your style and you will start to piss off hehehe but I found this book curious and how to invest

    (Iago M)

    Doubts about companies and sectors of February 2020

    About Square Enix

    What do you think of the company Square Enix Holdings? It is a video game company like Final Fantasy among others and for a few years also Tomb Raider.

    Thank you very much and keep it up.

    (Rookie Investor from Twitter)

    About Day

    Since you are talking about Russians, what do you think of DIA?

    (Ralf Wittgumstein from YouTube)

    About Naspers

    And in video games Naspers?

    (Ralf Wittgumstein from YouTube)

    Sobre La Francaise Des Jeux

    One of the companies recently privatized by a government is "La Francaise Des Jeux Sa", the French "lottery". It is said that it came out "cheap", and, in fact, it is rising and a good dividend is expected. Although I am afraid that, confirm the state is selling its part, put more and more taxes on lotteries and the like. By the way, what do you think? The problem may be the French dividend tax ...

    (Alejandro Pérez)

    Sobre Turtle Beach

    What do you think of the Turtle Beach company? It is a company that sells headphones for gamers, a leader in the US and Canada. It seems to be trading at a cheap price. It has recently acquired a keyboard and mouse company that will allow it not only to expand its range of products, but, what is more interesting, to take advantage of its distribution network to increase sales of headphones outside of America. Do you know her?

    (Daniel from Madrid)

    About Consol Energy

    Hello! I don't know if you have already treated it but what does Adrián from Consol Energy think to Per2 and its mining subsidiary with a dividend close to 20%?

    (Fex Chart)

    About Yamana Gold

    What opinion does Adrián have of Yamana Gold (if he follows her)? costing between $ 970-1050 per ounce. with gold around 1600 with the absence of large capital projects I think it can ensure an important generation of cash flow. I do not know, I am starting with the subject of mines, but with the sale of veneer I think the debt problem they had has turned out significantly well.

    Thank you! and congratulations on the excellent program.

    (Marc from Barcelona)