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stock market office April 2019

Stock exchange consultation for April 2019 in which Adrián Godás and Paco Lodeiro answer questions from listeners.

On this occasion, we discuss topics such as investing in physical gold, tools offinancial information and stock analysis, mortgage or rent, where to buy Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, make more programs,Differences between Interactive Brokers and DeGiro, what to do if a company you are analyzing explodes, the time horizon of investments, the tax information on DeGiro, the Burford Capital quote, investing in cannabis and Golden Forex Auto Trading.

We also talk about companies like Dell, Burford Capital, Proactis Holdings, CVR Partners, Osisko Royalties and Golar LNG.

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Stock Market Consulting - April 2019

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general inquiriesof the Stock Exchange Consultation of April 2019

About Investing in physical gold

Hello Adrian. What do you think in invest in physical gold? You could answer me in a podcast. Thanks for your attention

(Celta's goal)

Before asking, congratulations on both the podcast and all the content you publish (blog, twitter, etc). My question is this ; Is being long in gold, both physical and corporate, somehow comparable to being short on the ECB and the Fed?Thank you

(Samuel Piñon)

About online financial information and stock market analysis tools

I have been looking at some of the online tools on the web for the subject of data, Paco, I think you use gurufocus, but I looked at the price and it seemed a bit out of the scope of what I am looking for Seeking Alpha Annual Subscription (student version: P) it will surely fall that it is 50 $ 1 year, it seems to me that it brings a lot of value for that price. Any other free or inexpensive tool?


My question: When looking at the numbers, Do you work with a service that provides you with the information? I say this because normally we want to see at least 5 years of results and extracting all this from the company's reports takes time. If you use any, comment a little on the service and if you are satisfied. Also related to the above: Do you look at annual accounts with the items broken down? Because the reports published by the companies contain fairly aggregated information, at least in Spain, and having a higher level of detail can be interesting. Thank you very much. Greetings from Madrid.

(Sergio Belinchón from Madrid)

About taking out a mortgage or renting

Hi, I'm Carlos de Badajoz. I have a question. I am doing the investment academy course (it is very very good) and I was considering starting to invest. The thing is that now I live on rent and pay € 300 per month (a room). It would not be more profitable for me to get into a mortgage in a couple of years (save something) so as not to "throw away" that rent money every month and until I get into the mortgage, put it in an investment fund or something like that? I doubt that I will get € 300 a month of profitability investing with the € 7000 saved that I have now. Thank you very much!

(Carlos de Badajoz)

On where to buy Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Can you tell me please where to buy Fannies and Freddies, I use DeGiro and they do not appear. Thank you.

(Umboopa from Albacete)

On doing more shows

Have you considered increasing the number of programs to two a week?


On the differences between Interactive Brokers and DeGiro

I have a question: in the Godás program he says that he changed all his positions from DEGIRO to IB. Why? I understand that DEGIRO, as it is easier to use, is more for newbies, like myself, who use DEGIRO, on the other hand, it seems that you also do not usually use complex products, futures type, derivatives, CDF and moves of those So what can you do with IB that cannot be done with DEGIRO? Or is it a question of price, I understand that in IB there are good offers for volume of operations or capital or something like that, hehehe. Greetings from Albacete.

(Umboopa from Albacete)

On what to do if while you analyze a company it shoots up

Congratulations on the program! I have a query about surgery for the next office. Imagine that you find a company with an apparently attractive valuation, and you start to do the investment thesis of it. If during this study period, which can last days, weeks or even a month, the action shoots up, how do you act?You buy positions before finishing your thesis so as not to lose that opportunity cost or you simply finish the thesis and let the time pass again until the value returns back to your target price. Thanks and best regards.

(Alejandro Diaz from Madrid)

On the time horizon of an investment

Good team, Congratulations on the program. Looking ahead to the next office I think it would be fine that you comment a little on the time horizon of your portfolios Since lately it gives me the feeling that you are buying and selling a lot and I think it would be interesting to know a little which ones you sell at 4-5 months and what percentage of the portfolio they represent, which would be 1-2 years and which have had them in portfolio for a long time (case of Google for Paco). Thank you very much and continue with the program.

(Marcus Aurelius 812)

About tax information in DeGiro

Hello, I have a question for the office. Until now I have been investing in mutual funds through La Caixa, and they pass me the tax information every year, I take it to my manager to make the declaration. I am opening an account at DeGiro to operate from now on. My question is if they are going to send me the information anyway or do I have to do it myself (Because I have no idea). Too if the DeGiro broker is from outside Spain, I imagine that they do not pass the information to the hacienda directly. Do you have to do something about it? Many thanks for your work. Regards.

(Josep Alba)

About Burford Capital's price in GBX or GBP

Good. Carlos, resident in Lugo. Podcast Super Beginner's Doubt: Quoted in GBX or GBP

I am evaluating to buy Burford Capital and in Degiro, Google Finance or the London Stock Exchange website the price is shown, for example, at 1.700,00 GBX (pence) while if I look at another platform such as Investing they say it is 1.700,00 GBP ( pounds). If so, I understand that the stock in that example is trading at £ 17, right?

I guess who is wrong is Investing, but it strikes me that they make such a gross mistake, am I missing something?

I take: Is there a difference in the future profitability of the security when buying, for example, Burford in London LSE or Berlin, or Constellation Software in Toronto or Frankfurt?

Thanks in advance!

(Carlos from Lugo)

About investing in cannabis

Hello, a question for the office: What is your opinion on the advisability of investing in companies (especially Canadian) related to the cultivation of cannabis? Bubble? Thank you!

(Carlos Suarez)

Sober Golden Forex Auto Trading

How are you doing? Send a comment but I don't know if it came. On Instagram I saw an advertisement that I got to the account Golden Forex auto trading, they offer me $ 10 per month to pass me signals, average 1000 pips per month or they will manage your account with a minimum of $ 500 and a maximum of 500 with a profitability of between 30 and 80 percent per month through an audited robot. At the end of the month they keep 30 of the profits when we deposit the profits at the end of the month and there they operate again. I wanted to know your opinion on this. Send for general comments, but I don't know if it comes. Thank you.

(Tomás Ortíz de Zárate desde Argentina)

Questions about companiesof the Stock Exchange Consultation of April 2019

About Dell

Do you have any thoughts on Dell? I have looked at it a little bit and only its stake in VMware (minus Dell's debt) is worth around 20% more than its market cap. Bargain or cheat? Thank you very much

(Sergio Belinchón)

Sober Burford Capital

I love the podcast and I often listen to you walking on the way to work.

I would like to know If you still consider a good investment, enter Burford now.

Thank you very much for your work.

(Juan Carlos from Jaén)

Sober Proactis Holdings

Very good as always, do you know PROACTIS holdings? If so, what opinion does it deserve? It is a technology company from the United Kingdom, greetings!

(Sanji Ren)

About CVR Partners and Osisko

Hi couple. Please could you comment something about CVR partners the only MMPP position of True Value? And as an extra ball opinion on OR Osisko royalties. Thank you.

(Caesar from Castellón)

About Golar LNG

Hello, I wanted to ask you about Golar LNG I hope you put it in your office.