Special Trip to Omaha 2018 (Value Investing FM)

After our trip to Omaha (although we could also call it a pilgrimage) to see the oracles Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger live, it is time to review the experience.

In this new episode of Value Investing FM, Adrian and I tell all the details of our trip to Omaha and everything that has filmed the biggest investor event of the year.

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Notes from the 2018 Omaha Trip Special

Having a beer before the big day

With the Spanish Value in Omaha pic.twitter.com/VDUdQalZkc

— Joaquín Aranzábal (@jaranzabalh) May 2, 2017

2 meters from Warren Buffett

2 meters from the Oracle of Omaha @warrenbuffett with @The_Godas @Mr_FabG @jaranzabalh @_PabloMB # brk2018 #BerkshireHathaway pic.twitter.com/9tge9jo4tx

- Paco Lodeiro Amado (@ValueInvestingS) May 2, 2017

With Li Lu from Himalaya Capital

People you can meet around Omaha at # brk2018 pic.twitter.com/EvpbqJn5Hv

- Paco Lodeiro Amado (@ValueInvestingS) May 2, 2017

Leaving the Berkshire Hathaway conference

Leaving the Berkshire Conference pic.twitter.com/lew49MTXco

— Joaquín Aranzábal (@jaranzabalh) May 2, 2017

With Stephen Kiel at the Omaha Hilton

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr 34%, @Steven_Kiel pic.twitter.com/ooqPqQCmKw

— Adrián Godás Della Ripa (@The_Godas) May 2, 2017