Short Selling and Leverage with Iban Reus (Value Investing FM)

Short selling and leverage with Iban Reus

In this episode of Value Investing FM, Adrián and Paco will talk about short selling (investing short) and leverage. For this, we are pleased to have the help ofIban Reus (@LowRiskValue), a private investor who has already visited the podcast for the second time.

We will talk:

  • The evolution of Iban's portfolio since his last visit to the podcast
  • The stocks you currently have in your portfolio: Burford Capital, Facebook, RockRose Energy and The Gym Group
  • The best alternatives for shorting a stock
  • The advantages and disadvantages of short selling
  • The different ways to leverage
  • The best times to do it

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general inquiries

How has everything been since October?

How is the portfolio going?

  • FB
  • Bur
  • GYM
  • RRE

Short Selling (invest short)

What is short selling or short sale?

How to get short of a stock?

  • Stock loan
  • CFDs
  • Call sales
  • Purchase of puts

Advantages of short selling

  • Coverage
  • Way to invest when everything is expensive

Disadvantages of trading short

  • Cost
  • You have to get the timing right ⇒ Catalysts
  • Short squeeze
  • It's psychologically complicated


What is leverage?

How to leverage when investing in the stock market?

  • Using the margin given by the broker
  • CFDs
  • Purchase of calls
  • Sale of puts

Advantages of financial leverage

  • More profitability (if it goes well)

Disadvantages of leveraging

  • You can lose everything being right
  • It is very complicated psychologically

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