Recommended books to learn to invest in the stock market

One of the questions that blog readers often ask me is what books would I recommend to learn how to invest in the stock market. After years of reading, here is my selection of recommended books to invest in the stock market organized by both level and theme. The list has both books in English and Spanish.

Behind each book there is a link to the product's website on Amazon Spain. If you decide to buy through this page, I will charge a small percentage of the sale (5%). This money will be donated entirely to solidarity causes. This will not suppose you in any case an additional cost for you and you will help a good cause.

Tabla de contenido

  • Benjamin Graham, parent of value investing.
  • Buy in Spanish: Peter Lynch explains in a simple and entertaining way the keys that have made him one of the best investment fund managers in history.
  • Buy in Spanish: go against the flock. Here you have my article about the book Countercurrent investment strategy.
  • Buy in Spanish: my article on "The little book that beats the market".
  • Buy in Spanish: analysis and opinion on Security Analysis.
  • Buy in Spanish: Alice on Wall Street.
  • Buy in Spanish: full analysis of the book.
  • Buy in Spanish: El arte de la guerra.
  • Buy in Spanish: Influence of Robert Cialdini.
  • Buy in Spanish: Influence
  • Buy in English: Influence

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