Politics and Investment with Enrique Couto of VisualPolitik (Value Investing FM)

As you know, the listed companies in which we can invest are not isolated entities, but must be analyzed taking into account their environment. One of the essential parts that we must take into account in our analyzes is the political environment of business, which can be a source of advantages and opportunities, but also of weaknesses and risks. To better understand the political situation (current and future) and how it affects the investment world, in this episode of Value Investing FM we have the pleasure of interviewing Enrique Couto, co-founder of VisualPolitik.

He will talk to us, among other topics, about:

  • The past, present and future of VisualPolitik
  • Your investment style
  • How to face the problem of pensions in Spain
  • Your opinion on Brexit and the future of the European Union
  • The Peronist character of Donald Trump's economic policy
  • Your view of the main emerging markets: China, India and Russia
  • The situation in Latin America: Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, etc.
  • The future of Africa as an emerging continent
  • Your Recommended Resources for Learning Politics

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Presentation by Enrique Couto

Enrique Couto is co-founder of VisualPolitik along with Enrique Fonseca and Alberto Rodríguez.

He studied business administration and a master's in finance. He is an independent financial analyst. He lived with Alberto in the Fiji Islands. He considers himself rather Eurosceptic, although he qualifies it in the podcast.

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