New MAB newsletter by Juan Sainz de los Terreros

Newsletter del mab de Juan ST

For misfortune, he value investing is still taking off in the Hispanic blogosphere and not many quality bloggers follow this style of investment, especially when compared to the abundance of great value bloggers in the English language. One of those bloggers worth following is Juan Sainz de los Terreros, who has been demonstrating for many years what he is worth in his links.

The reason why I write this article is the initiative that Juan has had in the creation of a MAB newsletter where he will analyze the latest developments in this stock market in which small shareholders can find good bargains that are far from the radars of large investment funds due to their small size. And all this from the approach of an incisive and quality value investing that Juan has us used to.

The subscription to this newsletter consists only of a single payment of € 10, which I think is a more than interesting price. It goes without saying that I am already among your subscribers. It also includes attending a presentation by this investor on the Madrid Stock Exchange, which, unfortunately, I will not be able to attend.

I have to clarify that I do not take any type of commission for announcing this newsletter, but I do it only because I consider it totally recommended for the readers of this blog. It is an investment that is worth it and that will surely help us in the process of selecting companies in our portfolio management.