New Charlie Munger Quotes About Psychology (and More)

Featured Quotes by Charlie Munger at the 2018 Daily Journal Annual Meeting

As those of you who have followed this blog for a long time already know, Charlie Munger is the right hand of Warren Buffet, the best investor in history. In addition to being the vice president of Berkshire Hathaway, he also chairs Bitcoin it's totally stupid. "

“I never considered for a second having anything to do with it. I hated it at the time it was created, and the more popular it was, the more I despised it. "

“Hopefully the world will do crazy things from time to time. Everybody wants easy money. And of course, people who are selling things and making money to promote cryptocurrency investing like it too. And then these crazies just keep coming and going. But who would want their kids to buy things like Bitcoin? I just hope it doesn't happen to my family. It is disgusting that people are fooled by something like this. It's crazy. "

On what to look for in a partner

"I think what you really need in a life partner, if you're someone like me, is someone with low expectations."

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