My resolutions for 2018

My resolutions for 2018

Yesterday, like every year, I made a review of the year 2017 that has just ended.

Now it is the turn of the second part, sharing with you my resolutions for the year 2018.

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  • la filosofía kaizen, also known as the philosophy of continuous improvement. It is a philosophy that I have always tried to implement in my life.

    My main objective for 2018 is not any new project, but to improve all the ones that I am carrying out. Therefore, my goals are:

    • Continue providing the maximum value for my students of the advanced training
    • Continue with physical exercise, progressively increasing the intensity
    • Increase the time I spend reading
    • Deepen my training, learning from the best with new online courses
    • Keep improving in other areas of my personal life

    In summary, I believe that the path traveled in 2017 is the right one and that I am going in the right direction. However, I know that I must not rest on my laurels, as I still have a long way to go.

    My secondary purposes

    New venture

    As I commented 3 years ago in my article on my resolutions for the year 2015, one of them was to undertake a new business project outside the blog.

    As I said in his day:

    This goal is related to my goal to continue my training. Since the times of Benjamin Graham, value investing and entrepreneurship have walked hand in hand.

    I believe that undertaking a business project can help me a lot to improve as an investor. As the Indian investor always repeatscontact. 😉


    We live in a unique time in the history of mankind. For thousands of years, the natural situation in which we found ourselves was one of scarcity. Any good was a treasure of great value that we had to keep at all costs.

    Instead, the situation has radically changed. There are many of us who have much more than we need. Memories of childhood, clothes that we never use, utensils of little use ...

    In the end, with the passage of time, we end up accumulating a multitude of junk that only serves to accumulate dirt, steal space and generate disorder. These junk can not only be objects, but also routines that we carry out systematically, but that do not add anything useful to our lives.

    My goal is to avoid wasting time with things that give me very little to focus on others much scarcer and necessary, such as time, order or tranquility.

    If you are interested in the subject, I recommend the articles on the website They are simple teachings and tricks that have helped me to take the first steps in this new purpose, which I do not rule out that it becomes one of my vital principles.

    New communication channels

    You know the surprise I announced yesterday. I have had the pleasure of announcing the new podcast, Value Investing FM, together with Adrián Godás. The program will begin airing at the end of the week and will have a weekly frequency.

    In addition to this, I plan to enhance the Investment Academy Youtube channel. It is a very powerful communication tool, which I have barely paid attention to this year. I hope to give it much more use during 2018.

    One week vacation

    As I mentioned in my 2017 assessment, I put in a lot of hours at work. I don't usually go below 80 a week. In addition, I have not had a total vacation for several years, which implies a 100% disconnection.

    It is not something that bothers especially, since I do what I like. However, I believe that disconnecting, even for just one week a year, can be positive for my health and productivity.

    So one of my goals for this year is to take a week off to recharge my batteries. I don't consider it mandatory, or even necessary, but I think it might be a good idea.

    What are your resolutions for 2018?

    These are my resolutions for this year 2018. To finish, I encourage you to share yours in the comments. 🙂