My opinion on investing in cryptocurrencies

Invest in cryptocurrencies

There is no room for doubt. Investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum is in vogue. There are many savers who already allocate a part of their assets to this new class of assets whose value has not stopped growing since its creation. Without a doubt, investing in assets whose price does not stop rising is very tempting. Therefore, it is important to assess whether cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum have a place in a long-term investment portfolio.

This week I have had the pleasure of collaborating on an article by Javier Lacort for Xataka entitled “intrinsic value. For example, if you invest your money in a stock or a bond, they generate profits. The coupons of the bond, dividends, etc. They generate, for the holder of that asset, future income, cash flows. This type of asset, cryptocurrencies, does not generate any type of future cash flow for the holder. It is impossible to know what they are really worth. "

An asset with great uncertainty

“We are living in the beginnings of cryptocurrencies. Now Bitcoin and Ethereum are being imposed, but that does not mean that they are going to be imposed in the medium or long term. When the Internet started, people were searching Lycos orwith formación. Stocks have proven in the long run to be the safest and most profitable asset. If we look at the last two hundred years, stocks have had a real return of 7% per year, on average. Although many investors, by investing without training, lose money by investing in the fashionable company that is only smoke. You have to learn to select stocks that offer long-term profitability and security ”.

What is your opinion on investing in cryptocurrencies?

This is my opinion on investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Of course, I understand that it is a quite controversial topic and that it can generate very diverse different ones. Therefore, I encourage you to share your opinion about investing in cryptocurrencies with the blog readers.

  • Do you think I am wrong and that cryptocurrencies will continue to rise in the long term?
  • Do you think we live in a cryptocurrency bubble?
  • Will there be any cryptocurrency that ends up imposing on the others?
  • What will it be?

I await your comments!