My afternoon with LancasterGate of Investing, Stock Market and Money

Afternoon with LancasterGate, author of Investing, Stock Market and MoneyI have already told you visits me in Metagestión and Breakfast at Unience with Beltrán de la Lastra and a visit to Bestinver in the first and second part of my value trip through Madrid. To finish this short series of articles, today is the third and last part of this trip in which I discuss my afternoon with LancasterGate, blogger and value investing follower.

My afternoon with LancasterGate, author of Investing, Stock Market and Money

Lancastergate is a friend, blogger, value investing follower and blog author competitive advantages, which are or have ever been part of our investment portfolios.

Beyond the technology sector, we also had the opportunity to talk about other types of companies. We are talking about one of my biggest positions, Harley Davidson, which I think may be interesting in the long term after its last correction. Where we were not so in agreement was his investment in ABF, the parent company of Primark. We both agreed that their openings are being a success. In fact, I had the opportunity to visit the new Primark store on Madrid's Gran Vía and the atmosphere became overwhelming due to the number of customers there were. Our difference in perception was that I have greater doubts about whether this success will be sustained over time, since I do not see competitive advantages for the company. In my opinion, ABF shareholders should consider selling at these prices, while Carlos plans to keep his investment for now. I encourage you to leave your comment with your opinion about it. 😉

In addition to sharing impressions of listed companies, we also had time to talk about our personal projects related to the world of investment in general and value investing in particular. I told him that, as I have already announced, I am already starting to record my first value investing course, which I hope will be available in a couple of months. Carlos explained to me that he is about to publish his first book as a co-author, in which he will analyze the way of investing of some of the most successful value investors in the world. I predict a great success for the book, which I hope to get my hands on as soon as possible.

Although the talk lasted a little more than 2 hours, the truth is that we knew little. So, Carlos, you know, another meeting is still pending on my next visit to Madrid or on your visit to Coruña.

This is all about my trip to Madrid. I hope to be back soon as it was definitely worth it. I leave you the links of the first and second part with my visits to Metagestión, Unience and Bestinver in case you have not read them yet.

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