My 3 “smart goals” for 2015

My smart goals for 2015With the beginning of the year, it is common to set new goals. In that, I am no exception. What is possible that differentiates me from the rest may be the method, since instead of setting simple goals I prefer to set what are usually called "smart goals", which I will explain below.

I would like to share with all of you my goals for this year 2015. As always, any criticism or recommendation will be well received.

The "smart goals" or "smart goals"

It is a very common practice to set goals each new year. The problem is that in many cases they remain a mere declaration of intent. For this reason, I usually use the method of "smart goals" or "smart goals".

The word "smart" in "smart goals" is an acronym for:

  • Specific (specific): Clear and concrete objectives.
  • Measurable: That can be measured or quantified. We must avoid abstract goals.
  • Attainable (achievable): Achievable. No impossible goals.
  • Relevant: important goals, not insignificant.
  • Time-bound (with time limits): We must set deadlines to achieve the objectives.

Sometimes it's a good idea to divide each goal into several smart subgoals.

It's also important to keep track of goals. Therefore, I promise to publish your progress in a few months.

Next I will explain my smart goals, which I hope will help you to set yours for this year.

1. Professionalize Investment Academy

To tell you the truth, when I inaugurated the Investment Academy, I did not imagine that it would end up having such great importance in my life. Having a blog has helped me organize my ideas, it has forced me to learn a lot, to be more efficient when organizing my time and it has allowed me to meet and befriend people from all over the world.

In the 2 long years that she's been blogging, it's been just a non-profit hobby for me, albeit a very rewarding one. I have to admit that sometimes it has been difficult for me to combine the blog with work and training. In fact, I have had to sacrifice some of my hobbies, such as golf, which I hope to return to when I have more free time.

After much thought, I have decided that Investment Academy will stop being just a hobby and become part of my professional life. So I take the opportunity to announce that this year I will begin to train in value investing through courses and personalized training for those who have the desire and energy. I feel prepared for it and also excited. I will try to bring the greatest possible value to all those interested in going one step further in the exciting world of value investing. I promise to do my best and try to live up to this great responsibility.

As I have already commented in my article about

  • Have a more professional image.
  • Become a more usable website, especially on mobiles and tablets.
  • My smart subgoals are as follows:

    • Hire a web designer to improve the page both inside and out. Deadline: January 30 to hire it, March 30 to have the new design completed.
    • Conduct a survey to determine reader needs and see how I can help address them. Deadline: March 15.
    • Launch a first course on the blog. Deadline: May 30.

    I have to inform you that the first goal of the year is already underway. I am preparing an image renewal of the web together with my friend Luis Sanz from Fidula Studio, which I take the opportunity to recommend for those who are interested in creating your website or renovating it inside or out.

    2. Continue investing in training

    I always say that the best investment is investing in ourselves.

    Although I believe that I have a fairly complete training in terms of degrees and certificates (Bachelor of Business Administration and Management, Master of Finance, Bachelor of Law and EFA), I believe this can and should continue to improve.

    I have to analyze which training is the best for me. I will most likely decide between preparing the books.

    Smart subgoals:

    • Analyze different alternatives for advanced investment studies and make a decision about it (doctorate, CFA, CISI, etc). Deadline: May 30.
    • Read at least 5 books every quarter.

    3. Undertake a new business project outside the blog

    This goal is related to my goal to continue my training. Since the time of Benjamin Graham, value investing and entrepreneurship have gone hand in hand.

    I believe that undertaking a business project can help me a lot to improve as an investor. As the Indian investor always repeats Mohnish pabrai:

    “I am a better investor because I am an entrepreneur. I am a better businessman because I am an investor "

    I know it is an ambitious goal that requires time and training. It will not be easy to meet, but I feel motivated and will try to achieve it.

    My smart goal is to start a new alternative business project to this blog. Deadline: November 30, 2015.

    Your opinion is important to me

    These are my goals for this year. I believe that your opinion can be of great help. Do you think I'm too cautious? Too ambitious? What do you think of the idea of ​​giving courses and personalized training? How should I guide my training? Should I focus on other goals?

    Any criticism or recommendation is welcome.

    I hope your comments.