Monster Beverage Corporation: Business and Stock Market History

Monster Beverage Corporation HistoryMonster Beverage Corporation has revolutionized the soft drink market. I acknowledge that I am not a fan or even a consumer of energy drinks. However, I am aware that every day there are more addicts to this type of drink and to Monster Energy in particular. In this article we will see the history of Monster Beverages Corporation brandsIts main product is energy drinks, although it also has natural carbonated drinks and drinks based on fruit juices, among others. It has approximately 2.500 registered trademarks and markets its products in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Mexico and the United States.

Today, Monster Beverage Corporation is the world leader in the energy drink sector, with approximately 35% market share, followed by Red Bull with 30%, in Stock exchange quotation from Monster Beverage Corporation

Monster Beverage Corporation stock price for the last 10 years

There may not have been many people who used Monster 10 years ago, but this was not the only buying opportunity. For example, in October 2.008 it traded at a price close to $ 10 per share, which represents about 500% profitability in 4 years or 800% compared to its historical highs.

Large investors, such as Peter Lynch or Mario Gabelli, recommend starting to look for companies in our environment. Monster Beverage Corporation is just one more example of well-known companies whose business success has been reflected in their stock price. McDonalds, Apple, Dell, Microsoft or Inditex are just a few more examples. It is important to keep your eyes open, as great investment opportunities may be closer than we think.