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In this episode of Value Investing FM, Adrián and Paco have the pleasure of interviewing Martí Alonso and Albert Mendoza, co-founders of tips to learn to invest in the stock market

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About Martí Alonso

Co-founder of Investment Analysis and manages his own and family assets.

Copresentador del podcast “Buy the dip”.

He loves the world of investment and the business world, he loves culture in general.

"I am a student of the most illustrious figures of all time, of the most fascinating times and above all, of the bloodiest military campaigns."

About Albert Mendoza

Co-founder of Investment Analysis and chairs the investment group of the autonomous university of Barcelona where he is studying economics.

Copresentador del podcast “Buy the dip”.

YouTube channel author Albert mendoza

His two passions are finance and sports.

"On the other hand, sport has contributed a lot to my life, teaching me the importance of discipline and applying a stoic philosophy."

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  • Huntington ingalls industries
  • NexGen Energy
  • It SAF
  • IPCO
  • Energy fuels