Investing in Bitcoin: What It Is, How It Works and Much More

Investing in Bitcoin: What it is and how it works

This new episode of Value Investing FM is going to be something different, since we are going to deal with an unconventional type of investment, quite well known, but little understood by the community. Our goal is to teach the basics of investing in Bitcoin. For this, we are pleased to have Pablo Martínez Bernal, passionate about this new technology.

Pablo will explain:

  • Que es el Bitcoin
  • How blockchain technology works
  • The history of Bitcoin: From its origins to the present
  • How it differs from other cryptocurrencies
  • Some curiosities about its possible creator
  • The main criticisms of Bitcoin
  • Tips on how to invest in Bitcoin

Tabla de contenido

  • Charlie Munger con Pablo Martínez Bernal
  • Nassim Taleb with Luis Torras, Juan Such and Pablo Martínez Bernal

Topics covered in the program program

  1. Que es bitcoin:
    • Definition in three levels
    • Currency and payment system
    • Review of the most important concepts: mining, hasrate, blockchain, pee-to-peer, digital signatures, forks, ...
    • Ventajas del bitcoin: 4 capas of network effect (Balaji)
  2. Brief history of money:
    • Evolutionary origin of money: Menger,
    • Properties of good money: share of bitcoin against gold and fiat
  3. Why Bitcoin is so revolutionary
  4. Brief history of Bitcoin:
    • Launch: Secret Message from Satoshi Nakamoto
    • Price evolution
    • First (and only) scare in the protocol
    • Silk Road
    • Bankruptcy of Mt. Gox
    • Country locks
    • Bitcoin Futures
    • 400M transactions in May 2019, volume of $ 15bn / 24hrs
  5. Main criticisms of bitcoin

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