Investing in airlines (Value Investing FM)

Invest in airlines

Investing in airlines is generally a risky idea. The sector is reputed to be one of the worst sectors to invest in for the long term. Throughout this analysis we will see if this fame is justified and the reasons why it may be. To do this, we will analyze:

  • The history of the airline industry
  • The structure of the sector
  • The service they offer
  • The clientele
  • Your main suppliers
  • Competitive advantages in the sector
  • Human Resources
  • The influence of your environment
  • The finances of the sector
  • The best airlines in the world to have invested in recent years
  • Changes in the sector in recent years

We will end with some brief conclusions to help you if you are considering the option of investing in airlines.

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    (Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines)