Invest in Japan with Marc Garrigasait (Value Investing FM) – Investment Academy – Learn value investing from scratch

In this episode of Value Investing FM, Adrián and Paco are pleased to have once again Marc Garrigasait, Chairman of Koala Capital, where it manages Koala Capital Sicav, Panda Agriculture & Water Fund and Japan Deep Value Fund, to talk about investing in Japan.

He will tell us about:

  • The origin of your interest in investing in Japan
  • How the creation of the Japan Deep Value fund came about and evolved
  • The fund's investment style, focused on the deep value investing, but with some compounders
  • How to understand Japan from a western point of view
  • How the history of Japan influences your way of being, investing and doing business
  • Some of the main positions of the Japan Deep Value, such as Murakami Corporation, JCU Corporation or DTS Corporation
  • Your investment mistake in United Inc
  • His recommended books to understand Japan

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