Interview with Xavier Brun de Trea AM (Value Investing FM)

In this episode of Value Investing FM, Adrián and Paco have the pleasure of interviewing Xavier Brun, Head of European Equities at Trea Asset Management.

He will tell us about:

  • Its beginnings in the world of investment and teaching
  • Investors who have influenced you the most
  • The evolution of your investment style, which combines deep value with investment in compounders
  • The use of non-speculative financial derivatives
  • Its main positions in its portfolio, such as Prysmian, Grifols, ASM International, ASML, Lundin Mining, Atalaya Mining or Antofagasta.
  • His thesis on some raw materials such as copper, gold, oil, uranium or lithium
  • Some of your investment errors, like Fingerprints, Joyou the Freeport-McMoran
  • Some of his recommended books

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Presentation by Xavier Brun

Xavier Brun has a doctorate in Economics from the University of Barcelona (UB), an excellent cum laude and a Master's degree in Banking and Finance from the Pompeu Fabra University.

Degree in Business Administration and Management and Diploma in Business Sciences from the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).

He is currently a professor at UPF and director of the Master's Degree in Financial Markets at the same institution.

He started at the Gesiuris manager, SGIIC, as head of the Middle Office. She subsequently joined the philosophy manager Value Strategic Investment Advisors, Suisse (SIA Funds), where she was a senior analyst for equity funds. It began by auditing the valuations of all the portfolio companies and specialized in the raw materials sector.

He also worked at Solventis AV, as manager of 5 global equity and fixed income Sicavs.

He has currently joined the Trea AM team as head of European equities.

Actions discussed in the program

  • Prysmian
  • Griffols
  • ASM International
  • ASML
  • DSV
  • Lundin Mining
  • Atalaya mining
  • Antofagasta

Books recommended by Xavier Brun

Recommended links