Interview with Javier Ruiz at the Juan de Mariana Institute

Today I bring you a highly recommended interview with Javier Ruiz, Investment Director of Metagestation, In the Juan de Mariana Institute. The interview covers the most common mistakes of the investor. In the interview, Javier Ruiz talks about the following topics:

  • What are the most typical investment mistakes?
  • Which mistakes are the most difficult to avoid: those of assessment or the psychological ones?
  • What is the value trap?
  • Authors who have addressed the psychological errors of the investor
  • Does Austrian Business Cycle Theory Help Avoid Mistakes?
  • Are there cheat ratios?
  • What is availability bias?
  • How to develop the long-term vision in investing

The answers have seemed very accurate and instructive. The video lasts 8 minutes full of wisdom and common sense. Here I leave it: