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Interview with Galileo Capital

In this episode of Value Investing FM, Adrián and Paco have the pleasure of interviewingPedro León García andCarlos García Serrano from Galileo Capital.

They will tell us about:

  • The origin of your interest in investing in the stock market
  • The investment style of the fund, going from deep value investing to a more eclectic style
  • Some of the main positions of Galileo Capital such as Big Ben Interactive, Instalco, Teranga Gold
  • Your investment mistake in Genel Energy or the sale of your gold position
  • His advice to learn to invest in the stock market and recommended books to learn to invest

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About Pedro León García

Pedro has a degree in Economics and Law, a master's degree in Management from Carlos III. Was Oil & Gas consultant for Repsol.

About Carlos García Serrano

Analyst at Galileo. He worked in real estate asset valuation and risk consulting.

Commented companies

  • Big Ben Interactive
  • Instalco
  • Teranga Gold
  • General Energy