Interview with Emeritus Quintana about the Austrian School and Value Investing

Interview with Emeritus Quintana de Numantia about Austrian School and much more

In this new episode of Value Investing FM, Adrián and Paco have the pleasure of interviewing Emerito Quintana, advisor to the investment fund Numantia Patrimonio Global. He will tell us about:

  • His beginnings in investing in the stock market and in the financial sector
  • The importance of the Austrian school of economics in value investing
  • Your management style at Numantia Patrimonio Global
  • Some of his fund's holdings: Brookfield Asset Management,, Shanghai Airport, Amazon, Gold Royalty Companies, Tesla
  • Your opinion on the automotive sector
  • Old investment errorswhat has he committed
  • Their tips to learn to invest in the stock market
  • Variousrecommended books on stock investment

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About Emeritus Quintana

Emeritus Quintana is currently deputy director of investments in a major life insurance company (España SA) and advisor to the investment fund Numantia Patrimonio Global. Also:

  • He is an Industrial Technical Engineer with pGraduate in Stock Market and Financial Markets (average of outstanding).
  • European Financial Advisor (EFA) and Wealth Manager by the IEAF.
  • Official Master's Degree in Economics from the Austrian School from the Rey Juan Carlos University
  • Friedrich A. von Hayek Award for the best academic record of the promotion of the Master of Economics.
  • Previously, he managed family assets, with returns close to 15% per year.

Numantia Portfolio Updated (June 2019)

Emeritus Portfolio Quintana Numantia Global Heritage June 2019

Books recommended by Emérito Quintana

  • The Little Book That Makes Wealth, by Pat Dorsey
  • The Outsiders, de William Thorndike
  • Investing in Quality, from AKO Capital
  • Common Shares and, of Phillip Fisher
  • Warren Buffett and Mary Buffett's Interpretation of Financial Statements
  • One Step Ahead of Wall Street, by Peter Lynch
  • Batiendo a Wall Strett, de Peter Lynch

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