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Interview with Daniel Tello from Azagala Capital

In this episode of Value Investing FM, Adrián and Paco have the pleasure of interviewing Daniel Tello Rivero, advisor to Azagala Capital.

He will tell us about:

  • His beginnings in the financial industry
  • The investors who have influenced him the most, both Spanish and international
  • Your investment style, seeking value in different types of assets
  • Some of the positions of Azagala Capital, such as Westaim,IDW Media Holdings,Nekkar, Swedish schools andEnterprise diverisfied
  • Some errors by default, such as Moody's or Freddie Mac y Fannie Mae
  • His recommended books

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Presentation by Daniel Tello

Daniel Tello Rivero has a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Complutense University of Madrid, a Master in Finance at Deusto and a Master in Value Investing and Cycle Theory at OMMA.

He has worked at Amro Bank and Cecabank (DCM) for 18 years in the treasury area.

He is currently an advisor to Azagala Capital.

He will participate as a speaker at the Great Value Investing FM Event next February 29 in Madrod-

Main positions of Azagala Capital

  • I used to
  • IDW Media Holdings
  • Nekkar
  • Swedish schools
  • Enterprise diverisfied

Books recommended by Daniel Tello

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