Iberian Value 2018: All the details (and a special offer)

Iberian Value 2018

For the second year in a row, value investors are in luck. On April 11, the Iberian Value 2018 will take place, an event that will bring together some of the best investors in Spain. In this article we will see all the details of the Iberian Value 2018, along with a special offer for the readers of Academia de Inversión.

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An improved version of the Iberian Value 2017

Last year I had the pleasure of attending the first edition of the Iberian Value. Although the overall experience was good, in my review of the event I commented on some aspects of this that could be improved for the next edition.

Specifically, in my article I commented the following:

Unfortunately, despite having an excellent selection of speakers, the format of the event caused some of them to leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. It is a shame to attend the talk of a star manager and be left with the feeling that you have not come up with anything new.

I believe that the invited managers should bring much more value to the attendees. In my opinion, it is not acceptable for a manager to spend most of his time repeating the same thing that he repeats every year at his annual conference at an event of this category. I hope this improves for the next edition.

What was my recommendation?

My recommendation is to change the format and adapt it to internationally successful formats such as those of theSohn Conference, which has become the world benchmark for value congresses.

What are these formats?

In these conferences each manager is given time to present one or two investment ideas. After the presentation, the public can ask the manager questions about the idea or ideas that he has presented.

What has the organization done?

Well, it has changed the format and has adapted it to one based on the presentation of investment ideas. 🙂

This year each presentation will be divided into two parts. In the first, the manager will present some of his ideas and in the second there will be a short question time. This is excellent news, which I am sure will help improve this event compared to the previous year.

Information and details of Iberian Value 2018


11 April of the 2018

Opening times

From 09: 00 to 19: 00

The venue

Mutua Madrileña Auditorium (Paseo de Eduardo Dato, 20 - Madrid)

Official Web



Official: € 299

Offer for Investment Academy readers: € 120 (only until April 1)

Buy tickets for Iberian Value 2018 with the special offer


Iberian Value 2018 speakers

  • 09:20: Ángel Fresnillo, Mutuactivos
  • 09:45: Carlos Val-Carreres, Augustus Capital AM
  • 10:10: Fernando Bernad, azValor
  • 10:40: Francisco López Posadas, LIFT Investment Advisors
  • 10:50: Miguel de Juan, Argos
  • 11:00: Juan Gómez Bada, Advantage
  • 11:55: Xavier Brun, Solventis
  • 12:20: Richard Seixas, confidence;
  • 12:45: Iván Martín, Magallanes Value Investors
  • 13:10: Gonzalo Sánchez, Gesconsult
  • 13:35 p.m.: Mikel Navarro, Alpha Plus
  • 14:40: Josep Prats, Abante
  • 15:05 pm: Lola Solana, Santander AM
  • 15:30: Alfonso de Gregorio, Trea AM
  • 16:00: Emeritus Quintana, Numantia Patrimonio
  • 16:10: Alejandro Estebaranz, True Value
  • 16:20: Alejandro Munoz mares
  • 17:00: Jean Claude Felguera, Algar Global Fund
  • 17:25: Javier Rillo, Ibercaja Management
  • 17:50: Antonio López, March AM
  • 18:15: Beltrán de la Lastra, Bestinver

Discount for Investment Academy readers

Although the ticket price is € 299, if you buy your ticket before April 1, you can buy it for only € 120. It is an offer for Investment Academy readers. You can do it through the following link:

Buy tickets for Iberian Value 2018 with the special discount

I believe that it will be a great opportunity to hear live from established and emerging top-level managers.

I'm not going to miss it.

See you at the Iberian Value 2018?