How to lose more than 87% in 8 years with bad recommendations

How to lose more than 87% in 8 years with bad investment recommendationsDespite countless examples of ruinous recommendations, financial media remains one of the sources that many savers continue to use to discover stock investment ideas. To help you not blindly trust the recommendations of the financial media, we are going to analyze a real example of disastrous recommendations that has achieved losses of 87,40% in 8 years.

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  • He had already learned his lesson with losses after investing during the dotcom bubble.

    I came across this item and realized early on that it smelled really bad. Although 8 years ago I was still starting to train in value investing, it was more than evident to me that SOS Cuétara was a highly overvalued company. Nor did I like the recommendation of peas like Ercros, among other companies. To warn about the danger of following the recommendation at those prices, I wrote an article warning of the danger on the blog in which I was writing at that time in Rankia. If you want to take a look, here is the article, titled "Investor Club. It will be your most profitable investment. 😉

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