How to get rich in the stock market by José Luis Herrero.

How to get rich in the stock market by José Luis Herrero. Analysis and opinion of the book.Today I bring you my analysis and opinion of the book How to get rich on the stock market by José Luis Herrero, a great example of the stock market and investment “junk books” that flood the bookstores and, unfortunately, are also beginning to have a presence in public libraries.

Technical sheet of How to get rich in stock market

  • Title: How to get rich in the stock market
  • Author: José Luis Herrero Delgado
  • Editorial: Starbook
  • Año: 2.014
  • Page: 134

Analysis and opinion

José Luis Herrero Delgado, the author of How to get rich on the stock market, is a sociologist from the Pontifical University of Salamanca and a degree in Political Science from the Complutense University of Madrid. He is a real estate agent by profession and supposedly "observer and scholar" of the stock market according to the biography that appears in the book.

It seems that it is not the curriculum more suitable for writing a book on stock investing, but I did not want to prejudge the author. In fact, the doctor Luis Allué Bellosta did a great job with his book Alice on Wall Street, which I already mentioned a few months ago on the blog.

I'm going to get to the point. This is undoubtedly the worst book on investment (or rather "speculation") on the stock market that I have been able to read. The book is a mass of nonsense that any investor with a minimum of preparation knows that they have neither head nor tail. The danger with this book is that it falls into the hands of uninitiated people in the investment world who think they have a useful and / or serious book in their hands.

The book begins with an absurd story in which the author tells how he told a supposed stock market expert the following:

"Friend, neither you, nor any of the stock market experts, are real experts"

A silly and gratuitous phrase that I suppose the author uses to defend his lack of preparation. The author's argument comes to be something like "I'm not an expert, but nobody is." This initial display of ignorance is continually reflected throughout the book.

The Getting Rich in the Stock Market book is full of verbiage and catchphrases with little or no practical utility. For example, the author classifies investors between "Saint Bernard", "Bloodhound", "Setter" and "Cheetah". It also says that to get rich in the stock market the key is "to be yourself" or that the stock market can be defined as "Stock is Stock Market". I'm not kidding, I promise that's what appears in the book.

The author defines his method as "empirical" or "sloppy", which according to the author can work much better than the scientific method since apparently "there is no possible objective approximation to something like the market." After reading this I can't help but ask myself: What do I do? Laugh? Cry?

What is truly worrying is that this book that no professional investor would take seriously was in the library of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coruña. What would you think if in the Faculty of Medicine of your city there were books with rituals of healers? Well, this is what happens in my city. It seems a real shame to me.

Assessment of How to get rich on the stock market

This book is, without a doubt, another great example of the “junk books” on stock markets and investments that proliferate today. My recommendation is that you stay away from him and others of the style.

  • Score: 0
  • Level: Only for unwary
  • Recommended to: Nobody, not even my enemies (I'm not that cruel)