Finect, everything you need to know about this social network for investors


Vicente Varó at the Finect presentation

One of the news of the year in the Spanish Fintech sector has been the merger of the social network for investors Unience (which you already know well due to its constant appearances among my recommended articles) and the financial intelligence company the trip to omaha, which was the beginning of a very good personal relationship until today.

Vicente was kind enough to grant me an interview to explain to all the readers of Academia de Inversión the future of Finect. From here, I take the opportunity to thank you for your kindness and wish you good luck in this new stage with Finect.

I leave you with the interview.

To begin with, I have a question that others may share. What has led a parent with a consolidated life like you to get into an adventure like Unience 8 years ago?

I have always had as a great challenge to make finances accessible to as many people as possible. Make what is important interesting. In financial media, I tried with my articles but I saw a spectacular opportunity to take this knowledge much further, through connecting with people, knowing their needs better and offering them the best contacts and tools through a specialized social network .

If you could only highlight one thing from this stage that's left behind, what would it be?

The need to improve the financial culture that exists.

What benefits will the transformation to the new Finect have for the members of the “old” Unience (including myself)?

Many! The main one, many more tools and integrated 'social' information. For example, we have launched a new service for connecting portfolios, which allows you to visually control the evolution of your investments in one place. We are also making the fund file much more 'social', with information on similar funds or those that users are consulting the most. We are also going to give more weight to managers, because we want the people who are in charge of these products to be known. And, for those who do not know us as well as current users, tools that will help with the most basic finances, such as knowing better the investor profile, knowing if it is more interesting to buy an apartment or rent ...

How would you define Finect in a few words?

We help to invest better.

What do you consider to be the strengths of the Finect community?

This is very easy. The users who form it. The quality of the contributions you make is spectacular, the interest, the advice ... Many users tell us when they register on the network and begin to consult community content. And also many professionals. In these years, incredible things have happened, such as the birth of Smart Social, the sicav that was created within the social network itself, which already has more than 1.000 shareholders and manages 30 million euros.

In recent months, you have interviewed, along with Luis Vicente Muñoz, some of the best managers in Spain on Capital Radio. Can we enjoy a new season this year?

This series has been a joy. We have interviewed more than 50 Spanish managers, both more and less known. Both established stars and young promises. The problem is that we have run out of managers ... Those who have not participated is because they have told us they did not want to. Luis Vicente and I have a conversation pending to see how to continue with this initiative, but we are clear that we want to continue putting on the table the tremendous talent in management in Spain.

As a user, I have seen Unience evolve over time. What surprises does the future of Finect hold for us?

If I told you, they would stop being surprises! We will be more and more useful to investors when making financial decisions. We believe that the union between the quality of the investors who participate in Finect and the tools will give users much more power when investing. And why not? We hope to also make it easier for investors to access the best financial products.

Finally, I leave you a free forum with the readers of Academia de Inversión.

Well, I take this opportunity to thank you for being regulars of this great space. For the investment world to evolve in Spain, the success of initiatives such as the Investment Academy is essential. And I also encourage you to uniros a Finect if you still don't know us. We are convinced that we will be of great use to you with your finances.