“Everything is going to change” by Enrique Dans: Analysis and opinion

Book everything will change by Enrique DansThe world is changing at an astonishing speed, and even more so with regard to new technologies. “Everything is going to change” by Enrique Dans is a book that tries to help us understand what is happening in the world of new technologies and the internet.

Data sheet

  • Title: Everything is going to change. Technology and evolution: adapt or disappear
  • Autor: Enrique In
  • Publisher: Deusto
  • Año: 2.010
  • Page: 277

Analysis and opinion

Enrique Dans is possibly the best known Spanish-speaking tech blogger and one of the oldest. In fact, he has been blogging for more than 10 years. In addition, he is a Doctor in Business Process Management from the University of California and works as a professor of Information Systems at the IE Business School in Madrid.

The author summarizes the topics covered in the book as follows:

“The book aims to collect a series of explanations to try to understand the changes that technology causes at three different levels: people, companies and society as a whole. It begins with a series of chapters that show the change we are experiencing and characterize the phenomenon of disruption, to pass on to others who try to provide explanations for these changes, review the behavior of people with respect to them, point out a couple of cases practical within the world of technology, and try to draw some implications of this evolution for the future ”.

The book "Everything is going to change" addresses various issues related to the present and future of technology and the Internet, addressing issues such as net neutrality, P2P networks, copyright, cloud computing and technologies. disruptive. It also analyzes the way of operating and the successes or mistakes made by some companies such as Apple, Google or Microsoft.

The book is full of examples such as what happened with disruptive technologies in the encyclopedias sector. This sector was dominated for decades by the Encyclopedia Britannica, which was struck down in the 90s by the digital encyclopedia Microsoft Encarta, whose reign lasted just over a decade with the arrival of the revolution that led to the appearance of the Wikipedia for the dissemination of knowledge globally and for free.

Enrique Dans has shown consistency with his ideas by publishing “Everything is going to change” under a Creative Commons license, that is, it can be shared without profit. In addition, the book is available for free on the web www.todovaacambiar.com in the social edition, which has many more images and links of interest. Therefore, there is no excuse for those of you who are interested in this book.

Assessment of "Everything is going to change"

"Everything is going to change" is a highly recommended book to understand the current situation and future trends in the technology sector, since Enrique Dans approaches the subject in a very easy to understand way, asking simple, rather complex questions that may have a fundamental importance in the coming decades.

Score: 8,5 / 10

Level: Medium, although a minimum of technological knowledge is required

Recommended to: People interested in the world of technology or investing in that sector.