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Behavioral Economics with Pedro Bermejo and Pedro Rey Biel

In this new episode of Value Investing FM, Adrián and Paco have the pleasure of interviewing Pedro Bermejo and Pedro Rey Biel, who will help us better understand behavioral economics, a growing discipline that studies how human beings behave in practice. when making decisions related to the allocation of economic and financial resources.

In the program we will talk about:

  • What is behavioral economics and what does it contribute to economics?
  • The origin of your interest in this discipline
  • How behavioral economics has evolved over time
  • How to improve the study of economics in academic settings
  • How neuroscience can help us better understand the decisions that have to do with our money
  • What areas of the brain are involved when we make an investment decision and how they do it
  • What can we do to avoid the herd effect and other cognitive biases
  • The future of behavioral economics and neuroscience

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  • What matters is why”

Pedro Bermejo

  • Neurologist, doctor of neuroscience.
  • He works as a neurologist at the Puerta de Hierro, Fundación Instituto San José and Los Madroños hospitals
  • Medical Director of Walden Medical NDT
  • Manager of the Instituto Neurologico Integral Beremia
  • Professor at the Center for Financial Studies
  • Master in behavioral biology.
  • President and founder Spanish Association of Neuroeconomics ASOCENE
  • Author of hundreds of articles and books such as Neuroeconomics, I want your vote and The Investor's Brain

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