Apply the kaizen philosophy when learning to invest in the stock market

Kaizen philosophy to invest in the stock marketNobody knows everything about investing in the stock market. Even legendary investors like Warren Buffett o Charlie Munger they always take the opportunity to highlight the importance of always being open to learning new things. Therefore, if you want to learn to invest in the stock market, you have no alternative but to apply the kaizen philosophy, a way of facing learning that I will explain to you in this article.

What is the kaizen philosophy?

The "kaizen philosophy" or "philosophy of continuous improvement" is a method of facing learning that is based on the constant improvement of our abilities to carry out any task.

The word kaizen comes from Japanese. Is composed of:

  • Kai: Change
  • Zen: Good

The kaizen philosophy began to be applied in the world of business and industrial production in Japan from the 50s, being one of the most determining factors when it came to turning a country into ruins due to its defeat in World War II. World into a great world power in less than three decades.

It is a philosophy associated with practically all industrial production systems that are studied today in business schools, in addition to having a decisive influence on production systems such as if you decide to start the long road that will take you to learn to invest in the stock market you will end up eating mistakes. Many. Some more serious than others. But you should not worry too much, as it is part of the learning process. The important thing is how you respond to them.

The difference between a great investor and a lot is not how many mistakes he has made, but how he has managed to face them.

Concrete examples of application of the kaizen philosophy

Here are a few concrete examples of how you should think and act if you want to apply the kaizen philosophy to your investment learning:

  • Be aware that you can always improve
  • Be open to new ideas, even if they contradict what you currently think
  • Accept your mistakes
  • Analyze the causes of your stumbles (see the Also learn from investment mistakes of others
  • Never stop learning
  • Read a lot, a lot (see my list of recommended books to learn to invest in the stock market)

In short, if you want to go far in any discipline, apply the kaizen philosophy. Never stop improving.

Without a doubt, it is a hard way to learn to invest in the stock market. Of course, I also assure you that it is worth it.