Analysis of the book “Enseñanzas de Kostolany” by André Kostolany

Cover of the book Enseñanzas de Kostolany

I have to admit that I have a special affection for the figure of André Kostolany. This is because one of his books "The Wonderful World of Money and the Stock Market" was one of the first I read about investing. However, I do not consider myself a disciple of his when it comes to investing, but I admire his way of reasoning and learning from his mistakes.

In this blog we already saw abrief overview of his life and investment style, as well asyour opinion about investing with borrowed money. In this article we have to analyze "Teachings of Kostolany", a book in which this famous investor answers many of the doubts that may arise for beginners in this world in an instructive way and with a multitude of anecdotes.

Technical file

Title: Teachings of Kostolany. Stock market seminar.

Editorial: Gárgola

Autor: André Kostolany

Año: 2.007

Page: 236

Analysis and opinion

The first thing that catches the attention of this book is that it does not have a traditional structure of thematic chapters, but is organized in the form of continuous questions and answers as an interview, in which the author answers many questions that may arise. the investors. The truth is that I liked this structure, very suitable for the pedagogical function of the book.

The questions cover all kinds of topics related directly or indirectly to the world of the stock market and investment, ranging from the influence of the economy or politics in the markets, to the psychology of investors, passing through others such as the moral considerations that it involves speculation on the stock market. In total, Kostolany answers approximately 200 questions that will clarify doubts of all kinds.

This book also stands out for its simplicity when it comes to addressing all the topics it talks about. In addition, it is full of anecdotes from André's long life, which cover almost the entire XNUMXth century and make this book more entertaining and easy to read.

Personally, I do not recommend taking Kostolany's ideas as absolute truths. In fact, I do not agree with many of André's answers, although all of them have seemed honest and respectable to me even though I do not agree with them.


Thanks to its simplicity, it is recommended to investors of any level, not being necessary previous knowledge for its understanding. As I have already said, I recommend that your answers be taken critically and not as dogmas of faith.

Score: 8

Level: Beginners

Recommended to: All types of investors, especially beginners who want to know the opinion of this historical self-made investor.