Advertise in Investment Academy

Advertise in Investment Academy

Why advertise on the Investment Academy?

The main advantage of advertising in the Investment Academy is that you can promote your brand or product on a quality blog with first-rate readers. Academia de Inversión is one of the reference websites for training investors in the stock market in Spain. Each month, it brings together a continuously growing community of more than 40.000 Spanish-speaking savers.

In addition, you would be collaborating so that this website continues forward for which you will have my infinite gratitude. I am sure that many blog followers will have your brand or product as a reference, as you help this humble project to move forward.

Even if you don't have any business, you can also help me. If you convince your boss, marketing director or entrepreneur friend to advertise on the blog, I will also be eternally grateful. 😉

Does it have to be financial content advertising?


It can be advertising of any kind as long as it meets the requirement.

Can anyone advertise on Investment Academy?


All advertisers must meet a requirement, that the products or services that are advertised must be useful and generate value for the followers of the blog.

In fact, I've already had to turn down offers from advertisers who didn't meet this criteria. Specifically, I have rejected offers from several online brokers that offered me significant amounts of money in exchange for advertising on the blog and getting clients for their platforms. The problem is that they were low-quality brokers and I don't feel comfortable advertising something that I know I would never use or consume.

I don't mind stopping making money. It's hard to turn down big offers in my situation, but my goal is not to make a quick buck. Honesty comes first. As Warren Buffett says in one of his historical phrases:

“We can afford to lose money, even a lot of money. What we cannot afford is to lose a bit of reputation "

What is the cost of advertising on the Investment Academy?

Advertising in the Investment Academy has a CPM of € 12 + VAT for a 250 × 250 pixel side banner. In other words, the cost for 1000 people to see your ad through this website is € 12 + VAT.

The minimum duration of the ads is 2 weeks.

Let's look at an example:

This last month I have had about 63.000 views of the blog. The price to be advertised all month would be:

63 × 12 = € 756 + VAT

Premium Sponsorship and Premium Plus Sponsorship

If you are interested in having a longer advertising relationship with the blog, you have two possibilities of premium sponsorship with significant discounts.


  • Duration: Advertising contract for a minimum of 3 months
  • Cost: CPM of € 10 + VAT (16,67% discount)

LEGAL Premium Plus

  • Duration: Advertising contract for a minimum of 1 year:
  • Cost: CPM of € 8 + VAT (33,33% discount)

Would it be possible to carry out a more personalized campaign?

If you are interested in proposing some type of more personalized campaign that may be of interest to blog readers (for example, a contest or a raffle), get in contact with me.

Is there a maximum number of advertisers?


In order not to saturate the web with advertisements, there will be a maximum number of 3 advertising banners from advertisers.

What do you have to do to advertise?

Speaker in contact with me via email the contact section of the blog.