Abante Asesores in Coruña. This was his last conference.

Josep Prats and José Ramón Iturriaga de Abante Asesores in Coruña

Josep Prats and José Ramón Iturriaga de Abante Asesores in Coruña

This Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending a conference at the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of my city entitled "Investment options in a zero-rate environment." The conference was organized by Profitability of the Abante European Quality fund

Profitability of the Abante European Quality fund

The main positions in its funds are:

  • Muenchener Rueckvers 4,55%
  • Danone 4,51%
  • Alliance 4,38%
  • AXA 4,23%
  • Siemens AG4,15%
  • Airbus Group 4,08%
  • LVMH 4,00%
  • Total 3,99%

José Ramón Iturriaga

José Ramón Iturriaga de Abante AsesoresJosé Ramón manages the Okavango Delta, Kalahari and Spanish Opportunities Fund. He joined Abante in 2.005 after passing through Bankinter. He is specialized in Spanish equities.

His Okavango Delta fund rose to fame in 2.013, achieving an annual return of 72,46% that year.

In the following table we can see the performance of the fund in recent years.

Okavango Delta Fund Performance

Okavango Delta Fund Performance

The main positions in Okavango Delta are:

  • Haste: 9,90%
  • Merlin Properties 7,99%
  • Banco Popular 6,52%
  • FCC 5,30%
  • Lar Real Estate 5,14%

Comment of the Abante Asesores conference in Coruña

If I had to define the exhibitions of both Josep and Jose Ramón in two words, they would be “common sense”.

I would like to highlight the way that Josep Prats has had of synthesizing and explaining in a simple and entertaining way something as complex as the main economic macro-trends at the international level for the coming years or even for the next decades. He has also explained how investors can take advantage of these trends.

I would also like to thank José Ramón Iturriaga for explaining his investment thesis in Grupo Prisa, which is currently the largest position in his fund. It has particularly caught my attention, since it is a company that I analyzed a few years ago but ended up discarding due to its very high risk of bankruptcy. However, it seems that the company is on the way to being a great example of “turnarond” and, according to José Ramón, it can offer great potential with catalysts short or medium term.

In short, my overall impression has been really good. In addition, from what I was able to comment with other attendees of the talk, this feeling was generalized among the public.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank José Ramón, Josep and José Luis for their visit to Coruña and their kindness.

Finally, although it is not related to this, I also want to send a greeting to Valentine, a follower of the blog that I had the pleasure of meeting in the talk and that I hope to see on many more occasions at this type of event.