5 sources of financial information for fundamental analysis

Sources of financial information for fundamental analysisTo carry out the fundamental analysis in value investing, it is essential to have information about the companies in which we are going to invest. In this article we will see 5 sources of financial information for fundamental analysis.


Without a doubt, my favorite information website for fundamental analysis. In fact, I can say that I go in almost daily. This page has financial information for the fundamental analysis of stocks of the main stock exchanges in the world, among which is the Spanish stock market, but only in the Morningstar Spain.

The biggest drawback of this page is that its financial database is much less complete in its Spanish version than in its American version. I hope that in the future the people of Morningstar will be encouraged to complete all the information related to the Spanish market, as it would be very useful for fundamental analysis. I recommend that you get used to browsing this page, a very complete and perfectly structured source of information.


Yahoo Finance

Possibly one of the most used pages for fundamental analysis. Yahoo Finance has financial information on shares that are listed on financial markets around the world, among which, unfortunately, the Spanish market is not found, unless they are listed on other markets such as Frankfurt, Paris, London or New York. as is the case with many of the large companies listed on the Ibex-35. This "failure" is not the fault of Yahoo or the rest of the pages, but rather it is the fault of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (the management company of the Spanish stock exchanges), since it does not provide the financial information of the publicly listed companies.


Google Finance

Quite similar to Yahoo Finance, its main strength being that of having a list with the latest news from the company we are consulting, which makes a lot of sense if we consider that it is the financial information website of the almighty Google.


The Economist

This economic newspaper is the one that has financial information for the most complete fundamental analysis of the rest of Spanish newspapers. Of course, the information is only complete for companies listed in Spain and it is also true that it may have a fault, so it is advisable to check the data that may seem "suspicious". This website stands out for being able to sort listed companies according to their PER (Price-Earnings Ratio), which is very useful as a first filter to search for undervalued companies on the stock market.


The website of each company

All listed companies are required by law to have a section on their website where they contain their financial information regarding the annual accounts. This section is often called “shareholders and investors”. In this case we are dealing with first-hand information.

In these sections, apart from the basic financial information (balance sheets, income statement, etc.), there are also more extensive annual reports and presentations with a greater breakdown and future perspectives.

Other sources of financial information for fundamental analysis

There are many other sources of financial information for fundamental analysis. Here I have compiled my 5 favorites, but there are many more. For this reason, I encourage you to share with other readers other useful websites that you use in your analysis that may be useful. Thanks in advance.