3 social networks for investors worth being on

Social media has revolutionized the internet in recent years. The possibility of creating and sharing content on the web has been a revolution in which investment has not remained unrelated. In this article we will see the advantages of using social networks for investors and the 3 social networks in which it is worth opening an account.

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  • Rankia investor social networkRankia is the dean of social networks for investors in Spain and the one with the largest number of users today. It is also the first social network for investors in which I had an account. This social network has numerous forums on various topics, blogs by members of the social network and a series of interesting tools for investors.

    In my opinion, the Rankia community is generally too focused on speculation and the short term. However, there is also, although it is not the majority, a community of investors within Rankia dedicated to value investing and long-term investment.

    Link: Rankia


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    Another of the social networks in which it is worth being present is Finect, formerly known as Unience. This social network is organized in groups, with many of them from important Spanish and international fund managers. Possibly the social network for investors most oriented to professionals in the sector and investors in funds of the three that I comment on in this article.

    This community allows investors to connect their investment portfolio of different financial entities with the social network to show the operations and returns obtained without cheating or cardboard in their portfolio section.

    Link: Finect

    Seeking Alpha

    In my opinion, it is the one with the greatest potential for followers of value investing at an international level. Of course, it has the disadvantage of being only in English.

    One of the great attractions of Seeking Alpha is that users will be able to charge a part of what is collected if they are selected and published exclusively on their platform.

    Source:Seeking Alpha

    Which of these social networks for investors is worth being on?

    In this case the answer is easy, it is worth being in all three. The three social networks are free to access, so we should not rule out any of them. In the event that you don't have time to use all three, I recommend trying them all and choosing the one that is most useful for you. In any case, what I do not recommend is to be oblivious to social networks for investors, since they do not involve any cost and can be very useful for the investor.