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Pricing Details
This page describes the features and support included in the various hosting options plus details of the fees payable for an Our Parish Council Website. A pricing summary can be found by clicking here.

There are two fees charged for having an Our Parish Council Site.
  1. The on-going site rental / hosting fee
  2. An initial (one off) set up fee.

1) Site Rental / Hosting Fees
We offer three options for site hosting.
These are based on the amount of support you require:

£19.99 +VAT
per month

This is designed for users who want to update the site themselves.
£29.99 +VAT
per month

For users who want occasional assistance
£39.99 +VAT
per month

For users who want additional assistance.
Bronze hosting includes:
  • Site Hosting. This includes ALL the common features listed below.
  • Website support via online help pages and email
  • Administration section to allow authorised parish staff to maintain the site as often as they require during rental period.
  • 15 POP3 Email addresses

Silver hosting includes:

  • All Bronze hosting features
  • Additional website support by telephone.
  • Up to 4 support tasks per month.

Gold hosting includes:

  • All Bronze hosting features
  • Additional website support by telephone.
  • Up to 8 support tasks per month.
More Benefits
  • The Our Parish Council service is designed specifically for the needs of Parish Councils. We have found that many Parish Councils have similar requirements, so we designed a website that satisfies most of the needs of all Parish Councils.
  • Parish Councils can have a sophisticated, database driven, up-to-date site at a fraction of the cost of having such a site developed just for them.
  • We are very open to suggestions about adding new features to the site. If we believe that the web page will be of use to the majority of Parish Councils we may well develop the page and offer it to our customers.
  • Alternatively if you require a bespoke 'one-off' service we can develop that for you for an additional fee.
What's included? - Features common to all hosting options
We are currently bundling ALL the features below in ALL the hosting options (i.e. in Bronze, Silver & Gold):
  • Contact Details for councillors and others
  • Committee & Full Council Meetings
  • Meeting Agenda & Minutes
  • Committee Details
  • Council Notices & Reports
  • News Articles
  • Local Information
  • Local Events
  • Newsletters that can be downloaded.
  • Local Businesses, Groups and Societies
  • Links to interesting or useful websites
  • Interactive Enquiry Form

We include a sub-domain e.g. 'yourcouncil.ourparishcouncil.org' as part of the hosting cost. This has the advantage that you do not incur domain fee charges each year.

The hosting fee includes up to 15 POP3 Email addresses in the format 
name@yourcouncil.ourparishcouncil.org e.g.  councillor@yourcouncil.ourparishcouncil.org ,
clerk@yourcouncil.ourparishcouncil.org etc.

This enables parish clerks and councillors to separate 'council' and 'personal' email correspondence.

We can set up auto-responding messages for any or all of your email addresses.

What are support tasks?
We use this term to cover the various support tasks that we can provide for you, e.g.:

  • Site updates using the administration service.
    e.g. addition or change of councillor, contact, links, meetings, news article, local business, local event, local organisation etc from copy/information supplied.
  • Convert file to Acrobat PDF & update site
    e.g. convert Word agenda document to an Acrobat format and add to site.
    Acrobat is a popular format for online publication as most Internet users have Adobe Acrobat's
    free Acrobat readerDownload Acrobat Reader Software
  • Post-Setup Email Change
    e.g. add a new email (within quota), create an 'auto-responder' message, or change an auto-responder message when say the clerk is on holiday.

If required, we can provide additional support at £4.99 per task.
We would always agree costs prior to commencing any chargeable work for a client.

2) Set Up Costs
We offer two site setup options.
As with hosting they vary depending on the amount of support you require:

Basic Set Up
£99 +VAT

For users who want to add most of the site content themselves.
Assisted Set Up
Typically £249+VAT

For users who want Our Parish Council to add most of the site content
The sub-domain name colour scheme, and layout option are agreed. Clients can supply a graphic for use as a 'logo' to brand the site and this will be converted to a web-friendly format. The framework of the site and the opening page text (supplied by the client) is set up along with the administration section. We will configure up to 15 POP3 Emails for the site.

A password is agreed and an authorised member of the Parish Council can use the administration section to enter councillor and other contact details, links, news articles, upload council minutes & agenda etc.
Fixed Fee £99

All the 'Basic' set up services are supplied and in addition we will set up the site from information you supply e.g. send us a Word file containing councillor details and we will use this to manually set up the councillor contact details via the administration section. Similarly for Links, Meetings, Minutes, New Articles / Notices etc.

The assisted set up fee depends on the amount of information a Parish Council wants us to put on the site, but a typical fee would be £249. All fees would be agreed before we would commence work on the site. 

NB All fees quoted exclude VAT which will be charged at the current rate.