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Enquiry Form
Enquiry FormThe enquiry form on each Our Parish Council website lets members of your local community send a message to the council whenever they want.

Each Our Parish Council website includes 15 Email addresses. During site set up we can set either one of these Our Parish Council email addresses or an existing email address as the main parish council contact.

This main parish contact, typically the Parish Clerk, will receive all the emails generated by the enquiry form.

The enquiry form is simple to use and is programmed to ensure that users enter essential contact information.

Users get a confirmation message on screen to confirm that a message has been sent. They operate in a very similar manner to the enquiry form on this site.

Automatic Replies to Email Messages
If an Our Parish Council email address is used for the Parish Clerk / primary contact, during site set up at no extra cost, we can configure the Our Parish Council email system to automatically respond to any message with an email that typically says that they have received an email and will respond ASAP.

In a similar fashion, as a support task , we can set up temporary auto-responding messages. For example to say that the parish office is closed during holiday periods.